Chelsea duo receive top scholarships to attend university in the US

By Jessica Fassnidge
There is nothing more satisfying than helping a student-athlete secure a deal and help them plan for the rest of their lives. It is an exciting time for everyone who begins this process of obtaining a scholarship. For Jenna & Lois, it is certainly no different. Both girls will be heading out to the US this August on soccer scholarships where they will be attending Loyola University Maryland together. Having been teammates and friends for a long time both girls are excited to pursue their ambitions in the US where they will continue to be teammates on the pitch once more. 

Loyola University Maryland is based in Baltimore, Maryland on the east coast of the United States. They are an NCAA Division 1 school that competes in Patriot League Conference. Both girls have played at a high level together and can continue their journey once again to make the step to becoming a student-athlete.

Lois Edwards has played for Chelsea Youth Academy and progressed into the Chelsea Ladies WSL Development team predominately as a central defender or central defensive midfielder. As she looks to get ready for her life-changing experience in the US this Fall, we interviewed Lois to get her thoughts on her upcoming move to play college soccer and study towards a degree.

How excited are you about your new journey? What is it you can’t wait to start?

I’m very excited about the new journey. One of the main reasons I chose to go to America is because I feel like I’m ready for a new challenge both on and off the pitch. I can’t wait to meet my new teammates, explore the new facilities, and exploring college life (especially watching different sports in the stadiums).

What is it about the school that really made you chose it?

There are many things that made me chose the school but the main things for me were the coach (his visions and the style of football he likes his teams to play), the location (on the East coast, not too far away from New York) and the size of the university – I feel like a smaller university would suit me a lot more.

How do you want to improve as a player and a person in the USA?

My main goal to get out of my experience in the US is developing as much as I can as a whole round player so when I come back to England I am fully equipped with what’s needed to make it as a professional in WSL 1. I am hoping that playing in quite an intense schedule will get me used to the demands of professional football, and the academic side will help me develop my organizational skills having to fit in the academics around football.

How does it make you feel knowing you will be going with a teammate like Jenna?

Knowing that I’m going with a teammate like Jenna massively helps as all the nerves about going are taken away, I’m only excited. We have been very close mates and played football together for a long time and knowing that I have her assures me that the settling in process will be a lot easier and I think it will give me the confidence to explore more whilst I’m out there.

What qualities does Jenna have that will help the team?

I would say the main thing that stands out to me about Jenna is that’s she’s a goal scorer. No matter whether its a screamer from outside the box or you put in a cross for her to throw herself at she always finds a way to put the ball in the back of the net. Also, something that I love, being a defender, is the runs she makes – I always used to hate marking her in training as she’s constantly moving off your shoulder! So I would say she is definitely going to add goals and an attacking threat to the team.

Jenna Nall has also progressed through the ranks at Chelsea. After playing for the development side Jenna has moved on to make appearances for the reserve team as well as training with Chelsea women first team. She is a force on the wing but predominately plays as a left-winger. As Jenna prepares for her journey to play college soccer in the US, we asked her the same questions about how she feels about this new exciting chapter in her life.

How excited are you about your new journey? What is it you can’t wait to start?

I’m very excited to get started and face a new challenge, I’m most excited about getting to know my new teammates and playing in a new environment.

What is it about the school that really made you chose it?

The coach made me feel really at ease and welcomed, he told me the team where like a family and that made me confident in my decision to move to the US.

How do you want to improve as a player and a person in the USA?

I definitely want to improve my game by learning off the other girls both on and off the field, I think playing in the intense schedule will improve my fitness and ability to handle the pressure. Off the field, being in a new academic environment will definitely improve me as a whole rounded person.

How does it make you feel knowing you will be going with a teammate like Lois?

I’m really excited to go with Lois, she’s one of my best friends so I’m really excited for this next journey, we’ve been close friends at Chelsea so I feel confident knowing I already have a close friend when I get there so it makes me feel less nervous.

What qualities does Lois have that will help the team?

After playing with Lois for the last couple of years she definitely makes me feel secure and relaxed, I feel like I can rely on her throughout the game which will be a great help in high-pressure situations when we are in the US. Her vision to play through balls will benefit everyone in the team especially myself as I feel like we already have on the field chemistry to play through the opposition.


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