How do I get a scholarship?

Our service is tailored for student-athletes that are looking to combine higher education and sports at a university in the United States. Your sporting talents and academic level can give you scholarship opportunities that will help make an education in America affordable and have the experience of a lifetime.  Our college-recruiting process consists of five steps as explained below. In short summary, we help you to the States from A-Z and will be your sparring partner until you complete your degree.

Features and benefits

Initial Assessment

Educating you on this opportunity. Potential Trial Days/Showcases and Webinars. Evaluation of sporting ability and academics starts.


Analysis of your academic and sporting background to find suitable college level for you.

Personal Meeting

Overview of your scholarship opportunities, what options are good for you, and your preferences. Start the official process with us.


Guidance & support on testing requirements (SAT, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo).


Getting prepared to showcase your talents and abilities to US coaches at suitable schools for you.


Finding the right opportunities for our students. Helping you narrow down the list of schools interested,

Coach Contact

Helping you build relationships with the coaches, tips to communicate, and ensuring you have all the information needed for your decision.


Assist you in the decision on accepting the scholarship offer from the right school for you and signing your scholarship papers.

Application to School

Assisting with the school application and all supporting documents needed to be accepted to your school of choice.

Eligibility Requirements

Advice and support on Eligibility and Compliance, so you get your license to compete in college sports.

Visa assistance

Step by step guides for financial documents, I-20, and student visa appointment

Flights and Pre-arrival

Full prep for your college journey. Comprehensive pre-arrival guide, flight booking, insurance, and US phone plans.

Pastoral Support

Ongoing support and care, regular updates, and check-ins with your Sports Consultant.

Life in the USA

Help with the day-to-day student-athlete life in the USA. Mobile phones, banking, webinars etc.

Job Opportunities

Links to our Partner “Challenger Sports” - work experience and summer jobs.

After College Pathways

Master programs, career jobs and advice on professional sports opportunities.


Why study in the US?

There is no better place to combine higher education with sports than in the United States. Learn more about why you should become a student-athlete and how you will benefit!

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There are several common questions future student-athletes have before making the decision to study and combine sports in the US. Get some of the answers in our FAQ section.

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