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College Scholarships USA Ltd. (CSUSA) provide talented students and athletes the opportunity to study at American university and compete in college sports.

Since 2007, CSUSA staff have assisted 1000+ student-athletes, in a variety of sports from all over the world, obtain sports scholarships in the USA.

College Scholarships USA have a fantastic reputation both in and out of the United States for obtaining the best sports scholarships for student athletes.

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Do you qualify?

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American College Sports

American university sports (referred to as college sports) is a fantastic way of combining education with high-level sports whilst getting university funded by: 

  • Soccer scholarships
  • Golf scholarships
  • Tennis scholarships
  • Swimming scholarships
  • Track and Field scholarships
  • Hockey scholarships
  • Basketball scholarships
  • Skiing scholarships

The phenomenon of college sports is difficult to grasp unless you have experienced it first-hand. In terms of the facilities, level of competition and scale, US college sports are on a par and in many cases surpass professional sports world-wide.

US college sports are the 2nd tier of sports, the feeder system into the professional game. The likes of Tiger Woods, John Isner, Michael Jordan, Mia Hamm, Clint Dempsey and many more were college athletes.