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Four CSUSA clients won the NORAM award 2023/2024

Congratulations to former college sports scholarship recipients Stine Sofie Hagbø Olsen, Fredrik Håve, Christian Ingul, and Fredrik Ingul, who were honored as recipients of the prestigious Norwegian-American Association Award (NORAM).

The Norwegian-American Association Award (NORAM) award is a prestigious scholarship, and it is highly competitive, requiring applicants to demonstrate exceptional qualifications and it is exclusively available to Norwegian citizens pursuing graduate studies in the United States. This scholarship provides financial assistance towards the expenses incurred at prestigious institutions. Within the category of example “Scholarships for Graduate (Master’s and Ph.D.)”, the amount awarded can range from USD 2,000 to USD 20,000. 

The Norwegian-American Association`s mission

The Norwegian-American Association`s primary objective is to foster mutual knowledge and understanding between Norway and North America. Given the rich historical and political ties between Norway, the USA, and Canada, as well as shared values, the foundation recognizes the importance of promoting deeper connections between individuals from both sides of the Atlantic through extended study and research experience. 

For over 100 years NORAM has worked to promote collaboration and helped over 5,000 students with scholarships and guidance towards their education. The Association hands out 35 scholarships every year, where the scholarships consist of different organizations and scholarship funds.

CSUSA award winners

Christian and Fredrik Ingul

All four of our NORAM award winners won the award for graduate masters and Ph.D. in the U.S. The twin brothers Christian and Fredrik Ingul are both pursuing a Master of Science in Business Analytics at the University of Southern California. Both have been active golf players and they have competed nationally in golf across Europe and in the US.

To complete the application process, three recommendation letters, along with an essay and proof of study at the school, are required. Fredrik emphasizes “this is a process that necessitates a deep reflection on how the chosen field of study can contribute to society and establish a stronger connection between Norwegian and American studies. Another thing of significance is fostering positive relationships with former coaches and professors to obtain assistance with the application letters and overall process”. Despite saying that it is a lengthy and intricate procedure, both brothers unanimously agree that the effort invested in it is worth it!

Stine Sofie Hagbø Olsen

Stine Sofie Hagbø Olsen has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the Florida Institute of Technology. She won the NORAM award once before, two years ago. Now she is pursuing her third year of her Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of South Florida. Her big passion is in her specialization subject; Natural Products, with research on the secondary metabolites of Antarctic and deep-sea corals and sponges. Sofie advises, “The importance of creating good contacts and relations with professors at her university to get recommendation letters and supporting material is important… Relevant internships and summer jobs are also something that you should seek to strengthen your resume and position to win the award”.

Fredrik Håve

Fredrik Håve is pursuing his master’s in Industrial-Organizational (IO) Psychology at the University of Maryland. He believes that there is no simple answer for the perfect candidate to win the award, however, being authentic and showing your personality is crucial to differentiate yourself from the other candidates. However, starting the application process early, gathering all the needed information, as well as showing relevant work from the major, and having a precise plan for the future are important! Fredrik also specifies that it is important to have fun while being a student. “No one expects that all school work is fun. However, if you look at the boring work in a bigger picture will suddenly the boring material be easier to do. If you choose a field of study that you are passionate about, where you have made up your mind that it is fun, then it will not be as much boring work”. 


In conclusion, the Norwegian-American Association Award (NORAM) stands for academic excellence and cross-cultural collaboration. Through the recognition of exceptional scholars like Stine Sofie Olsen, Fredrik Håve, Christian Ingula, and Fredrik Ingul, NORAM not only celebrates their individual achievements but also symbolizes the enduring bond between Norway and North America. By providing scholarships, fostering connections, and promoting deeper understanding, NORAM continues to shape the educational landscape and empower students to pursue their passions. As we applaud these deserving recipients and their remarkable accomplishments, let us also recognize the Norwegian-American Association’s century-long commitment to nurturing talent and building bridges between nations. The NORAM award remains a testament to the power of education, international cooperation, and the limitless potential of the human intellect.