Women’s Euros inspire a nation – College athletes in the pros

The Women’s Euros have landed on the UK shores and started with a bang!

Over 68,000 fans packed out Old Trafford in Manchester to see the Lionesses beat Austria 1-0 in the championship opening game.

Women’s Soccer is growing and growing fast. This is hopefully the start of the meteoric rise in the popularity of the game and many of the players are hoping to inspire younger generations of girls to lace up and start playing the global game.

The USA has always been a front runner where Women’s soccer is involved and it continues to race away from other nations in how it helps girls evolve and improve as players during the vital years between 16-22 when it can be ‘make or break’. This being either as a professional player or someone who just wants to play as long as they can.

College Soccer in the USA allows players to grow into their role through these vital years.

The US collegiate system is very well represented in the Euros this summer. Over 20 players who are US college alumni are representing their nation at the highest level. Many of whom are household names.

These girls have gone from their home nation – to the USA – to the national team. These are just a selection:

Lucy Bronze – ENGLAND – University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Lauren Wade – N IRELAND – Carson-Newman University

Alessia Russo – ENGLAND – University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Sarah Zadrazil – AUSTRIA – East Tennessee State University

Demi Stokes – ENGLAND – University of South Florida

Rebecca Holloway – N IRELAND – Cumberland University

Laura Worsøe Nielsen – DENMARK – University of Kentucky

Lotte Wubbon Moy – ENGLAND – University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Aslaug Minda Gunnlaugsdottir – ICELAND – Harvard

Rachel Daly – ENGLAND – St John’s University

Sarah McFadden – N IRELAND – University of Southern Mississippi

Demi Stokes said:Part of the reason I went to America was to make me a better player. “The standard of the league we were in and the opposition we came up against were very good. There were constant matches so you always had to be sharp and ready to play. “It was challenging for sure but the intensity of the league definitely helped improve me as a footballer.”

Long may this pathway continue, we’d love to see more and more girls get inspired by the stars they see this summer.

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