The International Alliance: Improving the Industry

We believe in this concept

To study at university in the USA and combine it with your sports was a life changing experience for myself and all 15 of my colleagues.

Since 2007, we at College Scholarships USA, have strived to deliver excellent service for young people trying to pursue their ambitions.

We have had some excellent results overall and our team have assisted in excess of 2000 students from 30+ countries. We are not perfect, but we try hard everyday to do the right thing for students, coaches and universities.

The Challenge

The industry itself is unregulated and the barrier to entry small, so you see many organizations ‘pop up’ and disappear, most people have the right intentions and operate with integrity…..but that is not always the case.

It is important for students and parents to research the organizations they are in discussions with and make an informed decision.

But how can you know for sure you are working with a quality organization?

The International Alliance

In January 2018, sitting around a table in Philadelphia, some of the top organizations in Europe decided to start the process of bringing organization and integrity to the industry.

The Objectives:

The group met up in Madrid in Summer 2018 and have made fantastic progress on these things:

The founding members are:

The group meet again in January to discuss the next steps.

We hope that the organization can start the process of improving the industry and working with more and more ethical companies, across other sports and jurisdictions, who also want to put the students first.