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Popular Majors to Study in the US!

By Jessica Fassnidge
Choosing a school can feel like finding a needle in a haystack and that is without taking into account what area to major in. The USA has a unique education system that allows you to essential trial and error certain classes to determine what your final degree will be.

Below is a list of common majors that students will study while in the United States:


There are many different areas within the business world you can study, especially when in the United States. Whether you want to run your own business or work within a top company the different aspects within business you will work through are subjects such as accounting, finance, marketing, economics, strategic management, communications, and even international business. Every university will have different concentrations, but you will get a good look into all areas of business and can keep your bachelor’s strictly within a specific field or business as a whole.

Health Professions 

Health profession degrees tend to be associated with being a nurse or doctor, but the opportunities are endless within this particular profession. Although nursing is a popular major to study in the US, there are so many different areas it can take you within your career. You can study to be within nursing administration, clinical nurse specialist, nursing research, community nursing, adult health nursing, and even a registered nurse. It does however provide you with the opportunity to study things such as health services administration, pharmaceutical marketing, physiotherapy, general public health, medical computer specialist, dietician, maternal or child health, radiology, dental hygienist, and so many more. If you like your sciences and interacting with other people, the health professions can open up a lot of doors for after studying.

NB! Before choosing a major within health professions/medicine it is important to check with your home country on what courses are transferable back home and compatible with a career/further education.


Another broad spectrum is engineering as a major but there are many different areas this can spout into. Having a good idea and enjoying maths and science is key to go down many routes within engineering. Some examples of the majors you can study are chemical engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and industrial engineering. It is a very popular field to go down in the USA and is very practical and hands-on in many cases. With engineering being a very specialized field, it tends to yield some of the highest salaries within entry-level positions.


Psychology is a popular major within the USA with different concentrations such as sports, cognitive development, behavioral, social, mental disorders, and education being a few key areas. Within psychology, you will learn about how the mind works from the biology perspective to learning abilities, intelligence, cognitive behavior, and how emotions can affect human behavior.

Psychology can open doors to become a counselor, sports or child specialist, teacher, or therapist being a few routes you can go down. With mental health becoming increasingly important, the psychology degrees are having more and more specializations with them that you can try out in the classroom before determining your specific focus of study. Many people who have the desire to become a psychologist or psychiatrist go on to graduate school after completing their bachelor’s.

Communication and Journalism 

Communication degrees can be universal with lots of different avenues you can explore. It is a very broad subject so many schools focus on different aspects within the field of communications. From English language and literature, communications can include speech classes, advertising, marketing, digital media, business sector, public relations, and even politics and legal communications. The politics and legal communications which typically have applied theories enable you with the tools to communicate among politicians, citizen groups, or to the criminal justice world and courtrooms.

Criminal Justice 

Criminal justice is an area where the majors are related to dealing with initial crime and any criminal activities have been carried out as well as security. Under the umbrella of criminal justice, you will find that forensic science and criminology tend to be the most popular avenues. Within these areas you can do detective work, forensic investigations, crime scene work, and even psychology fall into this category if you want to become a criminal psychologist. They are likely to learn the justice system, how it works in the courtroom, and laws and procedures in place pending on the exact route you dive into.

NB! Before choosing a major within criminal justice it is important to check with your home country on what courses are transferable back home and compatible with a career/further education.


A bachelor’s degree in education can set a student up to work in kindergarten, elementary and secondary schools with young children and young adults depending on the desired focus. In many programs, you will spend time in your last year of university doing placement work within schools to gain experience and apply your knowledge. Special education falls within this area and prepares you to work with different populations with exceptionalities. Education degrees can encompass direct teaching within certain subjects as well such as physical education, languages, social sciences, etc.

The world really is your oyster when it comes to studying in the USA. The list above are just some popular areas many students like to study, but you can create your own pathway. To put it into perspective, according to, there are 289,384 degrees within Business Administration just in the US alone……crazy right?

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