New Sports Consultant in Sweden Hired

We are excited to welcome Karin to the ever-growing team we have at CSUSA, her unique experiences as a student-athlete and college coach make her an incredible resource for young athletes.

Karin’s journey to becoming a student-athlete was different than most, as she started as a regular international student. Before going to the USA, Karin played as a goalkeeper for Sundsvalls Damfotbolls Förening in Elitettan. She decided to move to the US to take a year abroad and focus on her studies where she attended Santa Barbara City College. Karin was randomly found and recruited by the head coach of the women’s team where she went on to win many individual awards and become a vital player for the team. Among these awards was the President’s Academic Honor roll all years, Vice President in Phi Theta Kappa, CCCAA All-Academic first team, First-Team All-WSC, the Louise Lowry Inspirational and Leadership Award, and two transfer Associate Degree’s in Marketing and Communication.

Due to the eligibility rules in the USA, and Karin playing for extended years in Sweden, she was only able to play soccer for two seasons. In her second season, she received a scholarship to attend San Francisco State University, again picking up numerous awards. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in International Relations, Karin became the assistant coach for the University and created club soccer on the side of which she was the head coach of and ran successfully. The next step for Karin allowed her to move to New Jersey and complete a graduate position at Rutgers-Newark where she worked as an assistant coach for the team while studying for her Masters (MS) in Global Affairs.

Once graduating with her master’s degree, Karin was offered a full-time job back at her old stomping grounds at Santa Barbara City College. She became the goalkeeper coach for the men’s soccer team as well as the first assistant coach for the women’s team. In recent years Karin has had the experience to play in the Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL) as well as most recently coach for the side Alta Cal Sol.

“Being at CSUSA I am really excited to be guiding and helping players to get the chance to fullfill a dream or show them the way to something they didn’t think was possible!”

Karin brings a wealth of experience to CSUSA as she has literally been and done it all while in the US. Her time as a student-athlete, a graduate student, and a coach will be living proof to all students she works with moving forward that you can take whichever pathway you wish to pursue.

To read more about Karin’s story, check out her bio HERE.