It’s a Twin Thing! Evans sisters take the next step – together again!

The Evans Twins continue the journey in the USA

Mia and Yasmin Evans have done many things together growing up in Shrewsbury, England.

Their ability and natural character led them to look at the USA as an option to further their studies, continue to play the sport they loved and scratch the itch of their natural curiosity.

Having had the pleasure to meet the girls and have them attend one of our events, CSUSA helped the girls to their first school Allen Community college in Kansas.

Winning championships, scoring goals and playing in the national tournament the twins broke records and this progression led them to both transfer to West Virginia State University where they embark upon their Junior year – together again!

We sat down with the twins for an interview about their time in the USA so far.

How has the USA improved you as a player?

Y. I improved as an athlete by surrounding myself with people who want to learn, get better and who have the same passion and aims as me.

M. Moving country and meeting all these different people has built my confidence massively. It has improved me as an athlete by developing my game both tactically, physically and mentally.

How have you found the balance between a full soccer schedule and finding time to study?

Y. While you train once, twice or even three times a day depending on what part of the season you are in, it is easy to balance your school work and training. Coaches help you to get your studies done.

M. That’s how it is in the US! Every day you are learning both in and out of the classroom, playing football and enjoying yourself it becomes a normal routine.

What is the best thing about being a student-athlete?

Y. It’s the opportunity you get to show yourself off as an international student, the Americans love that you are from ‘the land of soccer’.

M. Travelling all over and seeing new places, You really do make memories of a lifetime.

Best place you have visited in the USA?

Y. It has got to be Kansas City due to the fact it’s home to the chiefs which I am a big fan of now thanks to my roommates and the atmosphere around the city is next to nothing.

M. My favourite US city I have visited is Nashville, Tennessee. This city is crazy, the main strip was so lively, loud, and crazy. Everyone was dancing on tables and listening to country music.

What surprised you most about moving to the USA?

Y. The culture in the US and how they live their life’s so differently in different areas. In the countryside, it’s quiet and but when you hit the city, you really know you’re in the city.

M. The main cultural aspect that surprised me was how friendly and welcoming they are to the English and international students.

What is a must-bring item you had to bring with you from home?

Y. A must-bring item that you need to take with you to the US is your football boots. Don’t forget them!

M. For me it’s my English snacks! Don’t get me wrong American food is delicious but its always nice to have a little taste of home every now and again.

Finally, how is having your twin sister along the journey with you?

Y. Not only is it great meeting new people and then becoming new friends, but having your twin sister with you on the journey is one of the best things. You always have each other to challenge one another and experiencing this together is so much fun.

M. Having a sibling going to America with you makes life so much easier, it’s like having a piece of home with you. Me and my sister do everything together anyway so having her there makes things a lot more fun, enjoyable and easier. Having a sibling playing with you too across the other side of the world is a great experience, also travelling over America with her too is an unforgettable experience.

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