Athlete Spotlight

Erin Davies – Student-Athlete Feature

By David Stanbra
We go behind the scenes with Erin Davies who is set to go out to the US this year. Erin provides an insight into why she wants to go to the US, what she wishes to achieve and where she will be starting her amazing journey.

Quick Fire Round:

Name: Erin Davies.

Where are you from? Hertfordshire.

Where will you be playing in the USA? American International College, Springfield, Massachusetts.

Where in the UK do you currently play? Cambridge City Ladies.

What will you study in the US? English Language and literature, but I am interested in minoring in criminal justice and financial crime too.

Which team do you support? Arsenal.

Besides soccer, what is your favourite US sport? I don’t know at the moment, it will be really good to watch and support other teams at my college and figure out what I like!

Why did you decide on going to the US?

I was really keen to develop my soccer in a professional setting; with opportunities I wouldn’t get to have in the UK. Also studying in a foreign country, along with the fact that it provides an opportunity to be in less debt than I would be in if I went to university in the UK, sounded like a great opportunity.

What are your goals?

I want to push myself on the field and progress as a player primarily, but also expand my academic interests by taking a diverse range of classes, and study for a degree which will aid me in my goal to become a solicitor.

What are you most excited about for the future?

I can’t wait to travel to the states and start in August and meet the other girls in the team. I am also excited about travelling around the states to play and see different cities, my team is going on tour to Florida mid-season, so that is something else to look forward to!

What would you say to people considering going to the USA to become a student-athlete?

It’s an amazing opportunity, take it! It wasn’t a hard decision at all!

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