First partnership with Danish Youth Premier League Club – CSUSA x Esbjerg fB

By Daniel Kristiansen

CSUSA and Esbjerg fB have signed a 3-year agreement as of 1 September, which will help to strengthen the offer to the club’s youth players.

We are proud to present Esbjerg fB as a partner. It has been a long process, but we did not doubt that we would find a solution that everyone was happy with. In CSUSA, we are happy that Esbjerg will help focus on the plan B that there should be for the academy players. A plan B could be in the USA, where you get to play soccer on a scholarship at a high level in fantastic surroundings while you get an education and a huge experience. This may not be the right path for all players who do not make it to the club’s first team, but we believe that players will focus more on school besides soccer by being aware of such an opportunity.

The Academy’s Head of Talent Development Anders Brynaa says the following about the cooperation: “We are very much looking forward to the cooperation with CSUSA. This cooperation will give our EfB Academy players a unique opportunity to study, play soccer at a high level and develop as a person in the United States simultaneously.” He further adds, “I think CSUSA and EfB Academy’s values are a good fit, where we both focus on creating development, joy, and well-being through education and soccer, to the benefit of the individual student/player. We hope that some players who do not get a First Team contract in EfB after their time at EfB academy will take advantage of this good and exciting offer from CSUSA.”


The future in Denmark

Esbjerg will be the first of the 14 Danish Youth Premier League Clubs to sign an agreement with CSUSA, but we hope that in the future, there will be more clubs that will see value in being able to help their players after having them in the academies for many years. The help from CSUSA will help the players find the best match where they can develop both soccer-wise, academically, and personally – but most importantly, that they thrive as whole people.