261 new student-athletes to the US in 2020

By Kim Moe Krohn
Congratulations to the Class of 2020 - consisting of 261 international student-athletes starting their adventure in the American college sports system.

We thrilled to finally introduce the Class of 2020.

Congratulations to all these 261 student-athletes for getting accepted and enrolling at these US schools for the spring or fall semester in 2020 and combining their degree with playing sports and scholarships. A lot of hard work, systematic planning, patience, dedication, and communication was required to make this happen during a pandemic.

Our fantastic team of Sports Consultants has worked relentlessly, helping these student-athletes to 39 of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Sorted by division, presented in alphabetical order, below is the Class of 2020.

Abbreviations explained at the end of the page. View horizontally on mobile.




Adrian BarosenNORSocMissouri State UniversityMissouriNCAA D1
Alexander Skadal KyrkjeeideNORSocQuinnipiac UniversityConnecticutNCAA D1
André Ulvenes KleppeNORGolfLong Island UniversityNew YorkNCAA D1
Artan BrovinaNORSocUniversity of Rhode IslandRhode IslandNCAA D1
Astrid Julie HalvorsenNORSwiUniversity of AkronOhioNCAA D1
Bastian HatcherNORSocMonmouth UniversityNew JerseyNCAA D1
Carl Didrik Meen FosaasNORGolfTexas Tech UniversityTexasNCAA D1
Catarina AlbuquerqueUKSocRice UniversityTexasNCAA D1
Cooper Peter WibergSWESocUniversity of Rhode IslandRhode IslandNCAA D1
Daniel Stangeland KaufmanNORSocNorthern Kentucky UniversityKentuckyNCAA D1
Elias TauboNORSocUniversity of North Carolina WilmingtonNorth CarolinaNCAA D1
Ellie ArnoldUKSocUniversity of South Carolina UpstateSouth CarolinaNCAA D1
Emil HasslingSWESwiLousiana State UniversityLouisianaNCAA D1
Emil LarsenDENSocWofford CollegeNorth CarolinaNCAA D1
Erin BloomfieldUKSocTroy UniversityAlabamaNCAA D1
Fabian BoströmSWESocUniversity of California Santa BarbaraCaliforniaNCAA D1
Hannah DawbarnUKSocUniversity of MiamiFloridaNCAA D1
Hanne Sofie BorgenNORGolfCalifornia State University, NorthridgeCaliforniaNCAA D1
Harald SollundNORSocSaint Francis BrooklynNew YorkNCAA D1
Helena Anita MalvikNORSocUniversity of South Carolina UpstateSouth CarolinaNCAA D1
Holger Tabermann MaaloeDENSocHofstra UniversityNew YorkNCAA D1
Ida Lykke EriksenDENSocMiddle Tennessee State UniversityTennesseeNCAA D1
Isabel AlbuquerqueUKStuUniversity of HoustonTexasNCAA D1
Isac HjerténSWESocFairleigh Dickinson UniversityNew JerseyNCAA D1
Jack DolkSWESocElon UniversityNorth CarolinaNCAA D1
Jakob KristensenDENSocCollege of CharlestonSouth CarolinaNCAA D1
Jakob RylanderSWESocGeorge Mason UniversityDistrict of ColumbiaNCAA D1
Jens Mannhart HoffNORSocUniversity of MichiganMichiganNCAA D1
Jonas MoenNORSocElon UniversityNorth CarolinaNCAA D1
Julia MyklebustNORGolfCalifornia State University, NorthridgeCaliforniaNCAA D1
Julie Fonager LindDENSocHofstra UniversityNew YorkNCAA D1
Kasper StrømNORSocUniversity of California Los AngelesCaliforniaNCAA D1
Katrine ThisgaardDENSocHofstra UniversityNew YorkNCAA D1
Kristin HolmenNORSocSanta Clara UniversityCaliforniaNCAA D1
Lene Mari Bolkesjø HovdaNORTenSaint Mary’s College of CaliforniaCaliforniaNCAA D1
Liana YaraUKSocUniversity of DaytonOhioNCAA D1
Live HopeNORGolfUniversity of Texas at San AntonioTexasNCAA D1
Louis SteroboDENSocSaint Mary’s College of CaliforniaCaliforniaNCAA D1
Lucas CedermarkSWESocCollege of CharlestonSouth CarolinaNCAA D1
Maria Agerholm OlsenDENSocUniversity of KentuckyKentuckyNCAA D1
Markus Rivelsrød NilsenNORSocMount St.Mary’s UniversityMarylandNCAA D1
Markus SkjelstadNORGolfFrancis Marion UniversitySouth CarolinaNCAA D1
Max WahlmanSWESocRutgers UniversityNew JerseyNCAA D1
Mikkel FodstadNORSocUniversity of Nebraska OmahaNebraskaNCAA D1
Naomi WelchUKSocSeton Hall UniversityNew JerseyNCAA D1
Nil RingstrandSWESocJacksonville UniversityFloridaNCAA D1
Nils KüchlerSWESocHouston Baptist UniveristyTexasNCAA D1
Oda Sofie KilstiNORGolfEast Carolina UniversityNorth CarolinaNCAA D1
Olivia AtkinsonUKSocUniversity of Louisiana MonroeLouisianaNCAA D1
Oscar SearsSWESocWake Forest UniversityNorth CarolinaNCAA D1
Peter Lind ClementDENSocUniversity of South CarolinaSouth CarolinaNCAA D1
Petter KobberstadNORSocCentral Connecticut State UniversityConnecticutNCAA D1
Rikke NordvikNORGolfRutgers UniversityNew JerseyNCAA D1
Sebastian SjoNORSocRobert Morris UniversityPennsylvaniaNCAA D1
Selma AskildsenNORSocTennessee Tech UniversityTennesseeNCAA D1
Tobias Widemann KarlsenNORSocNorthern Kentucky UniversityKentuckyNCAA D1
Trym KyvågNORSocMerrimack CollegeMassachusettsNCAA D1
Vetle Røhne NilsenNORSocUniversity of Rhode IslandRhode IslandNCAA D1
Victor OlofssonSWESocUniversity of North Carolina Chapel HillNorth CarolinaNCAA D1
Victor Sandsmark-EvensenNORSocUniversity of California, IrvineCaliforniaNCAA D1
Victor StrömstenSWESocElon UniversityNorth CarolinaNCAA D1
William FørbyDENSocUniversity of Maryland, BCMarylandNCAA D1



Abdo BarheSWESocWilmington UniversityDelawareNCAA D2
Aisling SpillaneEIRESocEckerd CollegeFloridaNCAA D2
Alexander KhademiSWESocDaemen CollegePennsylvaniaNCAA D2
Andrea ZwinkelsSWESocLimestone CollegeSouth CarolinaNCAA D2
Anna AsphamnSWEGolfFlagler CollegeFloridaNCAA D2
Anna Maria DzyadykUKSocThe College of Saint RoseNew YorkNCAA D2
Annie NorthwoodUKSocUnion UniversityTennesseeNCAA D2
Arvid EngströmSWESocNotre Dame CollegeOhioNCAA D2
August JoriusSWESocThe College of Saint RoseNew YorkNCAA D2
Caroline Amalie SætreNORT&FWingate UniversityNorth CarolinaNCAA D2
Caroline HalvorsenDENSocThe College of Saint RoseNew YorkNCAA D2
Casper Exner RytterDENSocThe College of Saint RoseNew YorkNCAA D2
Daniel Goa UtgårdNORSocLake Erie CollegeOhioNCAA D2
David SynstelienNORSocGannon UniversityPennsylvaniaNCAA D2
Emil JönssonSWESocColorado State University PuebloColoradoNCAA D2
Emilie Bergh-JacobsenNORGolfUniversity of Arkansas MonticelloArkansasNCAA D2
Emma BjørnholdtDENSwiSaint Leo UniversityFloridaNCAA D2
Erik RuudNORSocBelmont Abbey CollegeNorth CarolinaNCAA D2
Erika Angell HaugenNORSocSaint Leo UniversityFloridaNCAA D2
Felix NässénSWESocNotre Dame CollegeOhioNCAA D2
Fredrik HafnorNORSocUniversity of New HavenConnecticutNCAA D2
Gustav PletscherDENSocDavenport UniversityMichiganNCAA D2
Isak HolterNORGolfTusculum UniversityTennesseeNCAA D2
Ivar Greger AngellNORSwiDrury UniversityMissouriNCAA D2
Ivar SpendlerSWESocDelta State UniversityMississippiNCAA D2
Jakob Thorup PetersenDENSocDelta State UniversityMississippiNCAA D2
Jens Hundere ØvresethNORSocMercy CollegeNew YorkNCAA D2
Joacim CarhedSWESocAdelphi UniversityNew YorkNCAA D2
Joakim ØstvoldNORSocUniversity of CharlestonWest VirginiaNCAA D2
John TrollsåsSWESocPurdue University NorthwestIllinoisNCAA D2
Julian Ward ÅdlandsvikNORSocCalifornia State University Los AngelesCaliforniaNCAA D2
Kristoffer LarssonSWEGolfLimestone CollegeSouth CarolinaNCAA D2
Lasse ByklumNORSocCoker UniversitySouth CarolinaNCAA D2
Linus KågströmSWESocWilmington UniversityDelawareNCAA D2
Linus NykvistSWESwiDrury UniversityMissouriNCAA D2
Lone CirotzkiNORSocUniversity of TampaFloridaNCAA D2
Lukas HackåSWESocNotre Dame CollegeOhioNCAA D2
Magnus Roelsgaard AmmundsenDENSocDavis & Elkins CollegeWest VirginiaNCAA D2
Malene KollbergNORT&FQueens University of CharlotteNorth CarolinaNCAA D2
Marco Augusto PasseraNORSocMercy CollegeNew YorkNCAA D2
Markus IwerboSWEGolfWinona State UniversityMinnesotaNCAA D2
Mathias KjølnerNORSocMontana State University BillingsMontanaNCAA D2
Mathias KollbergNORT&FAugustana UniversitySouth DakotaNCAA D2
Mathilde SkovbakkeDENSocDelta State UniversityMississippiNCAA D2
Mattias OdeliusSWESocMercyhurst UniversityPennsylvaniaNCAA D2
Megan FarrellUKSocUniversity of West AlabamaAlabamaNCAA D2
Mina Verdenius AndersenNORSocGannon UniversityPennsylvaniaNCAA D2
Nikolai KullblikkNORSocFelician UniversityNew JerseyNCAA D2
Noah KvifteNORSocSaint Leo UniversityFloridaNCAA D2
Oliver MartinssonSWESocNotre Dame CollegeOhioNCAA D2
Oliver PersonNORSocGoldey Beacom CollegeDelawareNCAA D2
Oskar HallstenssonSWESocPost UniversityConnecticutNCAA D2
Oskar Hauger-JohannessenNORSocWalsh UniversityOhioNCAA D2
Paal Andreas FurusethNORTenBelmont Abbey CollegeNorth CarolinaNCAA D2
Paige JonesUKSocEast Central UniversityOklahomaNCAA D2
Petter DyrkornNORSocGannon UniversityPennsylvaniaNCAA D2
Pontus SamuelssonSWEGolfLimestone CollegeSouth CarolinaNCAA D2
Rasmus FuglDENSocRogers State UniversityOklahomaNCAA D2
Robin NorénSWESocNewberry CollegeSouth CarolinaNCAA D2
Sara MunkDENSocNewman UniversityKansasNCAA D2
Simen Marcello V. MoksnesNORSocWheeling UniversityWest VirginiaNCAA D2
Simon BjörkénSWEGolfCal State U. Monteray bayCaliforniaNCAA D2
Sofia RingSWEGolfWingate UniversityNorth CarolinaNCAA D2
Sven ArnestadNORSwiDrury UniversityMissouriNCAA D2
Thea Kirstine JuulDENSocYoung Harris CollegeGeorgiaNCAA D2
Thomas EsperøNORSocQueens College New YorkNew YorkNCAA D2
Thomas Thana BertelsenDENSocMars Hill UniversityNorth CarolinaNCAA D2
Timmy SköldSWEWNorthern Michigan UniversityMichiganNCAA D2
Tinius Bruun KlausenNORSocUniversity of CharlestonWest VirginiaNCAA D2
Tormod Staal SimonsenNORSocMercy CollegeNew YorkNCAA D2
Truls Krabbesund HansenNORSocCalifornia State University Los AngelesCaliforniaNCAA D2
Victor Emil Boje HenriksenDENSocThe College of Saint RoseNew YorkNCAA D2
Victoria DanielSWESocEast Central UniversityOklahomaNCAA D2
William BergNORSocOhio Valley UniversityOhioNCAA D2
William NordkvistSWESocPost UniversityConnecticutNCAA D2
Hugo JönssonSWESocCoker UniversitySouth CarolinaNCAA D2
Stina WikströmSWEGolfLimestone CollegeSouth CarolinaNCAA D2
Anton OlofssonSWESocCalifornia State University Los AngelesCaliforniaNCAA D2



Alexander SørensenNORSocAverett UniversityVirginiaNCAA D3
Amandus HovrudNORSocNorth Central CollegeIllinoisNCAA D3
Casper MellbySWEGolfAverett UniversityGeorgiaNCAA D3
Christian VaalandNORSocNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Eirik HaugenNORSocMillikin UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Emil WindahlSWESocUniversity of DubuqueIowaNCAA D3
Even Myren NybøNORSocNorth Central CollegeIllinoisNCAA D3
Fillip FerrareseNORSocCornell CollegeIowaNCAA D3
Håkon SolbergNORSocWilmington CollegeOhioNCAA D3
Herman Dale HesbyNORSocNorth Central CollegeIllinoisNCAA D3
Ida Elise HjelleNORSocNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Isak OlssonSWESocUniversity of DubuqueIowaNCAA D3
Jerry SheikhNORSocNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Joachim TomrenNORSocMillikin UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Johanne UelandNORSocCarroll UniversityWisconsinNCAA D3
Johannes SmaabergNORSocMillikin UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Jørn-Martin Mostue AlmlieNORSocNorth Central CollegeIllinoisNCAA D3
Jostein BlindheimNORSocNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Kristoffer RisnesNORSocNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Lukas Gallo Noel RønningNORSocNorth Central CollegeIllinoisNCAA D3
Markus Aleksander BergNORGolfNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Marcus BolinSWESocUniversity of DubuqueIowaNCAA D3
Mathias Jæger-PedersenNORTenMillikin UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Nicolai StokkerNORSocUniversity of Wisconsin SuperiorWisconsinNCAA D3
Nicolai SvendsrudNORSocUniversity of Wisconsin SuperiorWisconsinNCAA D3
Petter Andreas LarsenNORSocPacific Lutheran UniversityWashingtonNCAA D3
Phillip Helvig EriksenNORSocUniversity of Wisconsin SuperiorWisconsinNCAA D3
Samuel ArctaediusSWESocWilmington CollegeOhioNCAA D3
Sander Andrem KarlsøenNORSocNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Sander SmådalNORSocNorth Central CollegeIllinoisNCAA D3
Sebastian WeijdegårdSWESocAverett UniversityWest VirginiaNCAA D3
Svein Håkon Bjørkli JansenNORSocWilmington CollegeOhioNCAA D3
Tobias LundeNORSocNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
William KnutsenNORSocMillikin UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Noel HolmSWESocNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Daniel RamsfjellNORBballNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Emma ReardonNORStuNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3



Adam PerssonSWESocMartin Methodist CollegeTennesseeNAIA
Aleksander KjellevandNORGolfWilliam Jessup UniversityCaliforniaNAIA
Alexander FossNORTenKeiser UniversityFloridaNAIA
Anders StaxenDENSocMorningside CollegeIowaNAIA
Anders Teigland SandstøNORSocWest Virginia University TechWest VirginiaNAIA
Ann Sofie MadsenDENGolfTennessee Wesleyan UniversityTennesseeNAIA
Benjamin Edbom KanSWESocGrand View UniversityIowaNAIA
Carl RosenholmSWEGolfPoint UniversityGeorgiaNAIA
Christine L. ThorvaldsenNORSocWestcliff UniversityCaliforniaNAIA
Emma HermanssonSWEGolfCumberland UniversityTennesseeNAIA
Heeirthan ShanthanNORSocEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityArizonaNAIA
Ida FuruheimNORGolfCumberland UniversityTennesseeNAIA
Jack HatswellUKSocOttawa UniversityKansasNAIA
Jacques D’MonteUKSocWest Virginia University TechWest VirginiaNAIA
Johan HajjSWESocUniversity of Houston VictoriaTexasNAIA
Jonas MarkfogedDENSocMorningside CollegeIowaNAIA
Jonathan HvitfeldtDENSocMartin Methodist CollegeTennesseeNAIA
Jonathan WaldenstrømNORSocCardinal Stritch UniversityWisconsinNAIA
Laura Feddersen SørensenDENSocGeorgia Gwinnett CollegeGeorgiaNAIA
Lena Sofi Beier LarsenNORSocUniversity of the CumberlandsKentuckyNAIA
Lucas Johansen RosellNORSocWestcliff UniversityCaliforniaNAIA
Mads Aarup AndersenDENGolfYork CollegeNebraskaNAIA
Marius Janssen GrytdalNORSocMilligan UniversityTennesseeNAIA
Marius Jøssund BrøndboNORSocWestcliff UniversityCaliforniaNAIA
Marte StoksethNORSocTennessee Wesleyan UniversityTennesseeNAIA
Melanie WichtFRASwiBrenau UniversityGeorgiaNAIA
Malene Gaasvig DuusDENSocTennessee Wesleyan UniversityTennesseeNAIA
Moa WidjeskogFINSocUniversity of the CumberlandsKentuckyNAIA
Nathalie NutuSWEGolfCumberland UniversityTennesseeNAIA
Oline Marø SundgotNORSocKeiser UniversityFloridaNAIA
Oscar Bakke FletenNORSocCentral Methodist UniversityMissouriNAIA
Oscar Børke AamodtNORSocLincoln CollegeIllinoisNAIA
Philip StömneSWET&FKeiser UniversityFloridaNAIA
Robin PetterssonSWESwiWestcliff UniversityCaliforniaNAIA
Ruben ReinertsenNORSocLincoln CollegeIllinoisNAIA
Sander Cosmus KohbergDENSocMorningside CollegeIowaNAIA
Sandra JakobsenDENSocCentral Methodist UniversityMissouriNAIA
Sebastian CotrauNORSocSouthwestern Christian UniversityOklahomaNAIA
Simen HaraldstadNORSocMilligan UniversityTennesseeNAIA
Texas AnderssonSWESocLincoln CollegeIllinoisNAIA
Thelma LindblomSWESocKeiser UniversityFloridaNAIA
Theodor MyklebusthaugNORSwiKeiser UniversityFloridaNAIA
Thomas GrønhilderNORSocCumberland UniversityTennesseeNAIA
Tobias ArnesenNORGolfOttawa UniversityArizonaNAIA
Tomas PereiraNORTenKeiser UniversityFloridaNAIA
Vemund AarvigNORSocUniversity of Houston VictoriaTexasNAIA
William SamuelssonSWEGolfCumberland UniversityTennesseeNAIA



Abigail MossUKSocCoffeyville Community CollegeKansasNJCAA
Alexander KostowDENSocMuskegon Community CollegeMichiganNJCAA
Becky LentonUKSocHawkeye Community CollegeIowaNJCAA
Christian SkovgaardDENSocMuskegon Community CollegeMichiganNJCAA
Frederik HeiseDENSocTyler Junior CollegeTexasNJCAA
Gracie EvansUKSocUniversity of Arkansas Rich MountainArkansasNJCAA
Hampus HenrikssonSWEGolfCypess CollegeCaliforniaNJCAA
Hamse AliNORSocButte CollegeCaliforniaNJCAA
Hannah MarshallUKSocDodge City Community CollegeKansasNJCAA
Jasmin SangheraUKSocMurray State Community CollegeOklahomaNJCAA
Jasmine SandersUKSocAllen Community CollegeKansasNJCAA
Jessica LonerganUKSocSoutheastern Community CollegeIowaNJCAA
Jugad Singh BoparaiNORSocHerkimer County Community CollegeNew YorkNJCAA
Karl GardSWEGolfCollege of the CanyonsCaliforniaNJCAA
Magnus Hallundbaek HansenDENGolfCollege of the CanyonsCaliforniaNJCAA
Marius Kryger LindhDENSocBarton Community CollegeKansasNJCAA
Matthew NeillEIRET&FVincennes UniversityIndianaNJCAA
Max Tinius HartmannNORGolfIndian Hills Community CollegeIowaNJCAA
Maya RidgeUKSocMeridian Community CollegeMississippiNJCAA
Mia EvansUKSocAllen Community CollegeKansasNJCAA
Mickie PalfremanUKSocCopiah-Lincoln Community CollegeMississippiNJCAA
Nadia JafferUKSocIowa Central Community CollegeIowaNJCAA
Nicklas LagesenNORSocHerkimer County Community CollegeNew YorkNJCAA
Oliver SkaugNORSocButte CollegeCaliforniaNJCAA
Øyvind Fluge RydlandNORSocLane Community CollegeOregonNJCAA
Petter MeinsethNORSocGolden West CollegeCaliforniaNJCAA
Rasmus RosinSWEGolfCypess CollegeCaliforniaNJCAA
Rebecca GardinerUKSocHighland Community CollegeKansasNJCAA
Remmie FerlaUKSocUniversity of Arkansas Rich MountainArkansasNJCAA
Simon DanielssonSWEGolfBrewon Parker CollegeGeorgiaNJCAA
Tamsyn SibandaUKSocArizona Western Community CollegeArizonaNJCAA
Tara PatelUKSocSoutheastern Community CollegeIowaNJCAA
Theo Asprilla HaugvikNORSocHerkimer County Community CollegeNew YorkNJCAA
Thomas BellUKGolfHawkeye Community CollegeIowaNJCAA
Wade MuttittUKSocFeather River CollegeCaliforniaNJCAA
Wilhelm A. DomaasNORAmfGolden West CollegeCaliforniaNJCAA
Yasmin EvansUKSocAllen Community CollegeKansasNJCAA

Abbreviations explained

NOR = Norway

SWE = Sweden

DEN = Denmark

FIN = Finland

UK = United Kingdom

EIRE = Ireland

FRA = France



Soc = Soccer

Swi = Swimming

T&F = Track & Field

Ten = Tennis

BBall = Basketball

Amf = American Football

W = Wrestling

Stu = Student