Syracuse University and Football Recruitment

How Syracuse University benefits from Scandinavia-to-US college soccer movement.

We have helped some fantastic Scandinavian players to the United States over the years and one of the schools that has really recruited well from Scandinavia is Syracuse University. They have travelled to Scandinavia several times to see players in action on our recommendation and many players have accepted a soccer scholarship from there. Syracuse is a wonderful college to study and located in the state of New York. They play in ACC – which is the best soccer conference in the NCAA D1 and have players drafted to the MLS every year.

One of them is Øyvind Alseth. After four wonderful years at Syracuse’s soccer team, he was drafted for MLS by Toronto FC. After a season there, where he won the MLS Cup, he moved on to the Norwegian top division “Eliteserien” and is now playing for Ranheim in his hometown Trondheim. Recruiting Øyvind to Syracuse was quite and adventure for Syracuse head coach Ian McIntyre.

“Between tiny airports and a cross-country trip in his car, McIntyre spent “the coldest night of my life” alongside Kim Moe Krohn, watching Oyvind Alseth train at 11 p.m. Alseth, part of a 2013 class which included SU’s first two Norwegian players ever, had worked with Krohn to help find a way to a United States college.”

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