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CSUSA & Tennis Smart join forces!

We are delighted to announce that Tennis Smart and CSUSA will be joining forces! Making Tennis Smart the latest addition to the Keystone Sports Network. Sarah Borwell has been leading the Tennis Smart brand for 15 years and has helped 1000+ talented tennis players (mostly from the UK) with their future pathways, combining education and tennis.

Sarah Borwell – gave us her thoughts on joining forces with CSUSA:

“I am incredibly excited to be a part of CSUSA and Keystone Sports. I believe, that together we will take the college placement process to the next level.”

“For 15 years I have worked hard to educate British junior tennis players about the unique and rewarding opportunity of the American university pathway. I’ve had the privilege of placing 1,000+ players of all levels at US and British universities and now joining forces with Keystone we will offer the most comprehensive placement package available anywhere in the world spanning the 6 years of the player’s career.”

“I will continue my personalized and hands on approach with my clients while offering the most extensive support network available to aspiring student-athletes. My goal has always been to minimize the worry athletes and their families feel throughout the placement process and with Keystone everything will be even more streamlined and easy to navigate.”

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Stewart Stanbra – CEO at College Scholarships USA

“We are ‘over the moon’ to have made this happen. Sarah and I have been collaborating for years, sharing ideas and knowledge to best help our students – and it is amazing that we can now call each other colleagues and work more closely.”

“Sarah has shown beyond doubt that she is an industry leading expert in College Tennis Recruitment, we are beyond proud to have her as part of our team and allow us to keep driving forward with our mission to help driven people pursue their ambitions.”


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