392 new student-athletes enrolling at US colleges

By Kim Moe Krohn
Congratulations to the Class of 2022 - consisting of 392 international student-athletes now starting their American or Canadian adventure of combining sports, education on a sports scholarship, academic scholarship, or international scholarship in the college sports system.

We are thrilled to introduce the CSUSA Class of 2022 – our largest and most diverse ever recruiting class.

A big congratulations from our whole team to all these 392 student-athletes for getting accepted and enrolling at a vast range of US schools for the spring or fall semester in 2022. Some schools we’ve helped students to previously, while others are new schools we work with for the first time. In total, we have helped our student-athletes to 238 different schools in 40 different states.

Our student-athletes get to combine competing in their sport, with studying for a university degree. Never have we seen bigger numbers when it comes to the amount of sports scholarships, academic scholarships, and international scholarships we have obtained for our student-athletes. This recruitment class is our most diverse ever. 17 nationalities are represented, across a big range of sports. We have ensured o student-athletes get soccer scholarships, tennis scholarships, golf scholarships, track and field and cross country running scholarships, swimming scholarships, basketball scholarships, rowing scholarships, skiing scholarships, and even a water skiing scholarship.

The saying is, “it takes a village to raise a child.” Similarly, it takes our full team of Sports Consultants, Operations Consultants, and leadership team to deliver our tailor-made, personal service to 392 student-athletes and their families. There are still remnants of Covid-19-related issues during the college recruitment process, but our staff has brilliantly navigated and maneuvered through the challenges. We must commend the student-athletes for their outstanding commitment to the process. They have all learned a lot during their recruitment process. We are thrilled to follow your careers at your new colleges and universities in the US and Canada.

CSUSA Class of 2022 is part of the inaugural Keystone Sports Class of 2022, which consists of 1,015 international students.

Sorted by division, presented in alphabetical order, below is the CSUSA Class of 2022.

Abbreviations are explained at the bottom of the page.  We recommend viewing horizontally on mobile.



Aimee SteeleENGSocMurray State CollegeOklahomaJUCO
Alexander ThaysenSWEGolfCollege of The CanyonsCaliforniaJUCO
Amber YoungNITenWeatherford CollegeTexasJUCO
Amelia ThompsonENGSocPratt Community CollegeKansasJUCO
Anaé RobertsENGSocLewis & Clark Community CollegeIllinoisJUCO
Andrew LloydENGSocCoastal Bend CollegeTexasJUCO
Callum CookENGSocJefferson Community College – SUNYNew YorkJUCO
Catarina PitaENGSocCoffeyville Community CollegeKansasJUCO
Charlie RobertsENGSocMuskegon CCMichiganJUCO
Charlotte BarnsleyENGSocNorth Iowa Area Community CollegeIowaJUCO
Chrissie BurkeENGSocMonroe College-BronxNew YorkJUCO
Daniel HarringtonENGSocSUNY Jefferson CCNew YorkJUCO
Dominic WoolleyENGSocMurray State CollegeOklahomaJUCO
Eivind Kristoffer Kjos BergsløkkenNORSocButte CollegeCaliforniaJUCO
Elijah WilliamsENGSocFeather River CollegeCaliforniaJUCO
Elliot HadleyENGSocRanger College – TexasTexasJUCO
Emer Mc AuliffeEIRESocHawkeye Community CollegeIowaJUCO
Emilie GaupsethNORSocSussex County Community CollegeNew JerseyJUCO
Emma HicklinENGSocAllen Community CollegeKansasJUCO
Gaby HeathENGSocAllen Community CollegeKansasJUCO
Hannah ThornellNZLSocNortheast Community CollegeNebraskaJUCO
Haydn DownENGSocNortheastern Junior CollegeColoradoJUCO
Isac FredrikssonSWEGolfSouthwestern Community CollegeIowaJUCO
Jacob KingENGSocCoastal Bend CollegeTexasJUCO
Jamie DuffinENGTenFullerton CollegeCaliforniaJUCO
Jon Mikkel SandvikNORSocHerkimer County Community CollegeNew YorkJUCO
Josh DaviesENGSocCoastal Bend CollegeTexasJUCO
Julian LejsvedSWEGolfAllan Hancock CollegeCaliforniaJUCO
Kyle TideswellENGSocNeosho Community CollegeKansasJUCO
Louis Harvey-MitchellENGTenFullerton CollegeCaliforniaJUCO
Ludwig KlingsporSWEGolfReedley CollegeCaliforniaJUCO
Luke Forshaw PembertonENGSocMurray State CollegeOklahomaJUCO
Magnus JensenDENSocHawkeye Community CollegeIowaJUCO
Malene la Cour AndersenDENSocHawkeye Community CollegeIowaJUCO
Mamadou DialloBELSocNortheast Texas Community CollegeTexasJUCO
Maria O’CallaghanEIRESocCowley County Community CollegeKansasJUCO
Maximilian FykeSWEGolfCypress CollegeCaliforniaJUCO
Michael BrennanENGSocNeosho Community CollegeKansasJUCO
Nicole KellsWALTenWeatherford CollegeTexasJUCO
Oliver AlaviuhkolaFINSocGenesee Community CollegeNew YorkJUCO
Oliver DandoENGTenFullerton CollegeCaliforniaJUCO
Rebecca LordENGSocAllen Community CollegeKansasJUCO
Sebastian Dall AgerschouDENSocLouisburg CollegeNorth CarolinaJUCO
Sienna DawsonAUSSocFolsom Lake Community CollegeCaliforniaJUCO
Thomas NielsenDENSocNortheast Community CollegeNebraskaJUCO
William FolinSWEGolfGlendale Community CollegeCaliforniaJUCO
William SkinnerENGSocHawkeye Community CollegeIowaJUCO
Zac (Isaac) StephensonENGSocMonroe College-BronxNew YorkJUCO
Zak DrakeENGTenAbraham Baldwin Agricultural CollegeGeorgiaJUCO
Zoe WiggallSCOSocNorth Iowa Area Community CollegeIowaJUCO



Alexander Hrcka SannesNORSocUniversity of South FloridaFloridaNCAA D1
Alexander PetræusDENSocSouthern Methodist UniversityTexasNCAA D1
Alin FatuROMTenJacksonville State UniversityAlabamaNCAA D1
Amelia BissettENGTenFlorida State UniversityFloridaNCAA D1
Amelie DareyENGSocButler UniversityIndianaNCAA D1
Andrea Jul OugaardDENSocFairleigh Dickinson UniversityNew JerseyNCAA D1
Andrea PinedaENGTenTexas State UniversityTexasNCAA D1
Andreas RäisänenSWESocFlorida Atlantic UniversityFloridaNCAA D1
Ask EkelandNORSocDuquesne UniversityPennsylvaniaNCAA D1
Bastian ToelhøjDENSocSaint Mary’s College of CaliforniaCaliforniaNCAA D1
Brigham Titer LarsenNORSocUniversity of North Carolina at CharlotteNorth CarolinaNCAA D1
Casper Bottolfs SvendbyNORSocUniversity of DaytonOhioNCAA D1
Casper MolsDENSocUniversity of KentuckyKentuckyNCAA D1
Christian Vingaard SjølanderDENSocNorthern Kentucky UniversityKentuckyNCAA D1
Christine KrugerRSATenUNC AshevilleNorth CarolinaNCAA D1
Christoffer Myrvold ØverlandNORSocUniversity of Alabama at BirminghamAlabamaNCAA D1
Christoffer Vie AngellNORSocDuquesne UniversityPennsylvaniaNCAA D1
Christoffer WeissDENSwiFlorida Atlantic UniversityFloridaNCAA D1
Christopher HurleenNORSocPenn State UniversityPennsylvaniaNCAA D1
Conor GannonEIRETenUniversity of MemphisTennesseeNCAA D1
Daniel NormannNORSocMissouri State UniversityMissouriNCAA D1
Daniel WilkinsNORSocHouston Baptist UniversityTexasNCAA D1
Daniela MonasteroENGSocVirginia Military InstituteVirginiaNCAA D1
Dhillion Virdee-OakleyENGTenFordham UniversityNew YorkNCAA D1
Eline VangNORWsUniversity of Louisiana MonroeLouisianaNCAA D1
Elsa TörnvallSWEGolfTexas A&M Corpus ChristiTexasNCAA D1
Elton HedströmSWESocSouthern Methodist UniversityTexasNCAA D1
Emilie Nicole SchrøderDENSocUniversity of Texas Rio Grande ValleyTexasNCAA D1
Emily MordenAUST&FUtah Valley UniversityUtahNCAA D1
Emma Hellum MoeNORSocFairleigh Dickinson UniversityNew JerseyNCAA D1
Emma PettersenNORSocMiddle Tennessee State UniversityTennesseeNCAA D1
Endre Handegard BergsakerNORSocMissouri State UniversityMissouriNCAA D1
Eric KanebogNORSocCentral Connecticut State UniversityConnecticutNCAA D1
Eskil Furre GjerdeNORSocDrake UniversityIowaNCAA D1
Eskil InstebøNORSocCollege of CharlestonSouth CarolinaNCAA D1
Eskil NjerveNORT&FWagner CollegeNew YorkNCAA D1
Eve BlakeyENGSocUniversity of Louisiana MonroeLouisianaNCAA D1
Filip Davik FredhallNORSocUniversity of LouisvilleKentuckyNCAA D1
Frederik Johnsen ØeDENSocIona CollegeNew YorkNCAA D1
Fredrik SkilbergSWESocSouthern Methodist UniversityTexasNCAA D1
Gabriel KringenNORSocUniversity of DaytonOhioNCAA D1
George RussellENGTenUniversity of MontanaMontanaNCAA D1
Gustav MobergSWESocMissouri State UniversityMissouriNCAA D1
Idun Vestad KvåleNORSocMiddle Tennessee State UniversityTennesseeNCAA D1
Iker Carew ErazoNORSocCollege of CharlestonSouth CarolinaNCAA D1
Ine LamprechtRSATenThe University of the Incarnate WordTexasNCAA D1
Isabella JeppesenDENSocSt. Bonaventure UniversityNew YorkNCAA D1
Issey PurserENGTenMichigan State UniversityMichiganNCAA D1
Issy BryantENGSocUniversity of North Carolina, WilmingtonNorth CarolinaNCAA D1
Jemma CaveENGTenStephen F Austin UniversityTexasNCAA D1
Johanna SjursenSWEGolfUniversity of Louisiana MonroeLouisianaNCAA D1
Johannes AbdulahadSWESocUniversity of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeWisconsinNCAA D1
Johannes SundgotNORSocAssumption CollegeMassachusettsNCAA D1
Jonathan WadenstenSWESocHofstra UniversityNew YorkNCAA D1
Julie Alexandra LossiusNORSocUniversity of MaineMaineNCAA D1
Kristian LønvigDENSocMonmouth UniversityNew JerseyNCAA D1
Kristina KarlöfNORSocUniveristy of Wisconsin, MilwaukeeWisconsinNCAA D1
Lea Duus MadsenDENSocUniversity of Central ArkansasArkansasNCAA D1
Leah Hayes-CoenEIRESocHigh Point UniversityNorth CarolinaNCAA D1
Ludvig MålbergSWESocMarquette UniversityWisconsinNCAA D1
Lukas HackåSWESocIUPUIIndianaNCAA D1
Mads Stistrup PetersenDENSocSaint Louis UniversityMissouriNCAA D1
Majaliwa MsabahaDENSocElon UniversityNorth CarolinaNCAA D1
Marcus Andre LarikkaNORSocUniversity of MemphisTennesseeNCAA D1
Marie ClausenENGRowColgate UniversityNew YorkNCAA D1
Marie Falkebo JensenDENT&FHarvard UniversityMassachusettsNCAA D1
Markus Vassøy NilsenNORSocUniversity of South FloridaFloridaNCAA D1
Mathias Løve-GrothNORSocUniversity of Alabama BirminghamAlabamaNCAA D1
Mathis Fürst HaugenNORSocUniversity of South FloridaFloridaNCAA D1
Max RelicENGTenMontana State UniversityMontanaNCAA D1
Mia Popovic EvensenNORT&FUniversity of Southern AlabamaAlabamaNCAA D1
Mikkel FodstadNORSocSaint Peters UniversityNew JerseyNCAA D1
Millie ThistletonENGSocUniversity of San DiegoCaliforniaNCAA D1
Natalie VeldeNORSocFordham UniversityNew YorkNCAA D1
Nathaniel DavidNORSocIona CollegeNew YorkNCAA D1
Nicolas Hald WillumsenDENSocXavier UniversityOhioNCAA D1
Nils VallottoNORSocUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonWisconsinNCAA D1
Ole Martin KjørholtNORSocNortheastern UniversityMassachusettsNCAA D1
Oliver JeppeDENSocUniversity of PortlandOregonNCAA D1
Oliver SvalanderSWESocHofstra UniversityNew YorkNCAA D1
Oliver TarvetENGTenUniversity of San DiegoCaliforniaNCAA D1
Oriana Parkin-GodwinENGTenDrake UniversityIowaNCAA D1
Oskar Felde HaugliNORSocVirginia Tech UniversityVirginiaNCAA D1
Oskar IhlenNORSocSaint Francis College BrooklynNew YorkNCAA D1
Peter HovNORGolfLamar UniversityTexasNCAA D1
Rasmus SteuchDENSocUniversity of Texas Rio Grande ValleyTexasNCAA D1
Ruth TønnessenNORGolfMorehead State UniversityKentuckyNCAA D1
Sam NicholsonENGTenUNC AshevilleNorth CarolinaNCAA D1
Sami BaicheSWESocNortheastern UniversityMassachusettsNCAA D1
Samuel TyasENGT&FSt Marys College of CaliforniaCaliforniaNCAA D1
Sander Jonassen ForøNORSocCal State FullertonCaliforniaNCAA D1
Sara IvandicCROSocOakland UniversityMichiganNCAA D1
Selma AndersenNORSkiUniversity of DenverColoradoNCAA D1
Selma ElverumNORSocUniversity at AlbanyNew YorkNCAA D1
Signe MarkvardsenDENSocUniversity of South FloridaFloridaNCAA D1
Simon BakkenNORSocMissouri State UniversityMissouriNCAA D1
Simon KlevbergNORSocEast Tennessee State UniversityTennesseeNCAA D1
Teodor LinnSWESocSaint Peters UniversityNew JerseyNCAA D1
Tobias WangerudNORSocNortheastern UniversityMassachusettsNCAA D1
Tuva Marie IsebakkeNORGolfMorehead State UniversityKentuckyNCAA D1
Victor KubelDENSocGeorgia Southern UniversityGeorgiaNCAA D1
Vilde Marie NystrømNORGolfUniversity of North Carolina Chapel HillNorth CarolinaNCAA D1
Viljar ByrkjelandNORSocUniversity of Massachusetts LowellMassachusettsNCAA D1
Vlad BreazuROMTenUniversity of OregonOregonNCAA D1
Zakaria AmroSWESocCollege of CharlestonSouth CarolinaNCAA D1
Zara RyanEIRETenUniversity of Illinois-ChicagoIllinoisNCAA D1




Adrian GheorgheROMTenSouthern Arkansas UniversityArkansasNCAA D2
Agnes SjursætherNORSocUniversity of Texas Permian BasinTexasNCAA D2
Albin FälthSWEGolfUniversity of MontevalloAlabamaNCAA D2
Altin ShabiNORSocBarton CollegeNorth CarolinaNCAA D2
Amelia DicksonENGTenSaginaw Valley State UniversityMichiganNCAA D2
Anders HekkliNORT&FLindenwood UniversityMissouriNCAA D1
Andreas Hald DigeDENTenWest Virginia Wesleyan CollegeWest VirginiaNCAA D2
Arvid EngströmSWESocBelmont Abbey CollegeNorth CarolinaNCAA D2
Asbjørn Wiig SævikNORSocTusculum UniversityTennesseeNCAA D2
Astrid BakkeNORSkiSaint Michaels CollegeVermontNCAA D2
August AbrahamsenNORSocUniversity of IndianapolisIndianaNCAA D2
August JönssonSWESocCatawba CollegeNorth CarolinaNCAA D2
Ava StevenENGSocDelta State UniversityMississippiNCAA D2
Benjamin LokeruNORSocUpper Iowa UniversityIowaNCAA D2
Bogdan StereFRASocUniversity of IndianapolisIndianaNCAA D2
Caroline Nørskov JensenDENSocEastern New Mexico UniversityNew MexicoNCAA D2
Charlie ThursfieldENGTenLincoln Memorial UniversityTennesseeNCAA D2
Chloe ColquhounSCOSocDelta State UniversityMississippiNCAA D2
Christian HarjanneFINSocUnion UniversityTennesseeNCAA D2
Connie DuttonENGSocQueens University of CharlotteNorth CarolinaNCAA D2
Cornelius ChristensenNORSocAmerican International CollegeMassachusettsNCAA D2
Daniel CardyENGTenDavenport UniversityMichiganNCAA D2
David Enerstad HansenNORSocWheeling UniversityWest VirginiaNCAA D2
David OpreaNORSocQueens College New YorkNew YorkNCAA D2
Denise PaulssonSWEGolfUniversity of MontevalloAlabamaNCAA D2
Edwin BergslättSWESocSpring Hill CollegeAlabamaNCAA D2
Elias Haahjem MurenNORSocChristian Brothers UniversityTennesseeNCAA D2
Elias RydningenNORSocLimestone UniversitySouth CarolinaNCAA D2
Elias TauboNORSocRegis UniversityColoradoNCAA D2
Ella MagnussenNORSwiSimon Fraser UniversityCanadaNCAA D2
Emil SvenanderSWESocWingate UniversityNorth CarolinaNCAA D2
Emilie Bergh-JacobsenNORGolfTusculum UniversityTennesseeNCAA D2
Emilie LarsenDENSocWilmington UniversityDelawareNCAA D2
Emily HounsellENGSocUniversity of MonevalloAlabamaNCAA D2
Erika Angell HaugenNORSocBiola UniversityCaliforniaNCAA D2
Eskil OusNORSocDrury UniversityMissouriNCAA D2
Fannie PeattSWESocUniversity of TampaFloridaNCAA D2
Felix NässénSWESocPost UniversityConnecticutNCAA D2
Filip Højgaard JensenDENSocMars Hill UniversityNorth CarolinaNCAA D2
Frederikke TroldborgDENSocClayton State UniversityGeorgiaNCAA D2
Håkon TorvbråtenNORSocKentucky WesleyanKentuckyNCAA D2
Henrik StokkaNORSocWilmington UniversityDelawareNCAA D2
Hermine HognerudNORSocLe Moyne CollegeNew YorkNCAA D2
Hugo FrivoldSWESocSpring Hill CollegeAlabamaNCAA D2
Ine AasNORSocUniversity of South Carolina BeaufortSouth CarolinaNCAA D2
Jenny HesbyNORSocUniversity of South Carolina BeaufortSouth CarolinaNCAA D2
Jesper Jørebo-SylstadNORSocEastern New Mexico UniversityNew MexicoNCAA D2
Joe KeltENGTenWayne State UniversityMichiganNCAA D2
Johan HajjSWESocGoldey-Beacom CollegeDelawareNCAA D2
Johannes Hanken TjøstheimNORSocSpring Hill CollegeAlabamaNCAA D2
Jonas LarssonSWESocConverse UnivsersitySouth CarolinaNCAA D2
Jonas Moos PedersenDENSocLenoir-Rhyne UniversityNorth CarolinaNCAA D2
Jøran OslandNORSocFlorida Institute of TechnologyFloridaNCAA D2
Jørgen Krohn-PettersenNORSocSpring Hill CollegeAlabamaNCAA D2
Katarina LiedbeckSWETenAdelphi UniversityNew YorkNCAA D2
Katherine CunnighamENGSocFlorida Institute of TechnologyFloridaNCAA D2
Katie BradleySCOTenEmory and Henry CollegeVirginiaNCAA D2
Kristoffer Reiersen RisnesNORSocFlorida Southern CollegeFloridaNCAA D2
Laura Holt KjærgaardDENSocWingate UniversityNorth CarolinaNCAA D2
Leontina SlovakENGTenSlippery Rock UniversityPennsylvaniaNCAA D2
Lillian WashingtonNORT&FMinnesota State University, MankatoMinnesotaNCAA D2
Lily WinterENGTenHenderson State UniversityArkansasNCAA D2
Linus SalomonsenNORSocTusculum UniversityTennesseeNCAA D2
Mads PoulssonNORSocSimon Fraser UniversityCanadaNCAA D2
Marcus PrestegardNORSocSpring Hill CollegeAlabamaNCAA D2
Marcus SundinSWEBballSpring Hill CollegeAlabamaNCAA D2
Marius OpdahlNORSocChristian Brothers UniversityTennesseeNCAA D2
Markus Bø TungeNORSocSpring Hill CollegeAlabamaNCAA D2
Mathias KjølnerNORSocFlorida Southern CollegeFloridaNCAA D2
Mathias Schilbred-EriksenNORSocMercy CollegeNew YorkNCAA D2
Mathilde SkovbakkeDENSocDominican CollegeNew YorkNCAA D2
Mattis WestbergSWESocWingate UniversityNorth CarolinaNCAA D2
Max BanestigSWESocRockhurst UniversityMissouriNCAA D2
Michael UlbråtenNORSocEast Stroudsburg UniversityPennsylvaniaNCAA D2
Mille Matilde RøsægNORT&FMinnesota State University, MankatoMinnesotaNCAA D2
Mina HäggströmSWESocSaint Leo UniversityFloridaNCAA D2
Miranda LauvstadNORT&FUniversity of Minnesota, MankatoMinnesotaNCAA D2
Nina WilliamsENGTenEmory and Henry CollegeVirginiaNCAA D2
Ole SongeNORSocWestminster CollegeUtahNCAA D2
Olivia EatonENGSocDelta State UniversityMississippiNCAA D2
Oscar Börsum VikSWEBballSpring Hill CollegeAlabamaNCAA D2
Oscar HeggemNORSocSeton Hill UniversityPennsylvaniaNCAA D2
Pennie ÖsterbergSWEGolfLimestone UniversitySouth CarolinaNCAA D2
Philip Peter CarstensenDENTenWalsh UniversityOhioNCAA D2
Rebekka CollyerNORTenBelmont Abbey CollegeNorth CarolinaNCAA D2
Sander TønnessenNORSocEastern New Mexico UniversityNew MexicoNCAA D2
Shanice WeekesENGTenWayne State UniversityMichiganNCAA D2
Sjur DrechslerNORSocFlorida Institute of TechnologyFloridaNCAA D2
Sune HarboeDENSocWingate UniversityNorth CarolinaNCAA D2
Tuva HodneNORSocLimestone UniversitySouth CarolinaNCAA D2
Vetle Jakob AuglændNORSocFelician UniversityNew JerseyNCAA D2
Viktoria EinsborDENSocYoung Harris CollegeGeorgiaNCAA D2
William EkerothSWEGolfUniversity of the CumberlandsKentuckyNCAA D2
William Nilsson BilanderSWESocBarton CollegeNorth CarolinaNCAA D2
Wilma ZanderauSWEGolfUniversity of Missouri St. LouisMissouriNCAA D2
Ylva Frafjord LandaNORTenTusculum UniversityTennesseeNCAA D2
Zehra CanbazTURTenGoldey Beacom CollegeDelawareNCAA D2



Albert SitwellENGTenNorth Carolina Wesleyan CollegeNorth CarolinaNCAA D3
Albin LauridsenSWESocUniversity of DubuqueIowaNCAA D3
Alexander VidmoSWEGolfNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Alexandra RistfeldtSWETenMillikin UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Alvin BrämhagenSWESocMillikin UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Anders Tveit EideNORSocMedaille CollegeNew YorkNCAA D3
Angelica BørkeeietNORSocNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Bethan FothergillENGTenNorth Carolina Wesleyan CollegeNorth CarolinaNCAA D3
Bjarki StøleNORSocAugustana CollegeIllinoisNCAA D3
Buster LiljebergSWESocUniversity of DubuqueIowaNCAA D3
Christine Hanch IversenNORSocNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Daniel HardyENGTenUniversity of LynchburgVirginiaNCAA D3
Emanuel ValleNORSocCarroll UniversityWisconsinNCAA D3
Emil JosefssonSWESocUniversity of DubuqueIowaNCAA D3
Eric SommarströmSWESocBethany Lutheran CollegeMinnesotaNCAA D3
Erika LindströmSWESocAverett UniversityVirginiaNCAA D3
Frans DaoNORSocNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Hugo SundquistSWESocNorth Carolina Wesleyan CollegeNorth CarolinaNCAA D3
Hugo ZadigSWESocLuther CollegeIowaNCAA D3
Isak GranströmSWESocThomas CollegeMaineNCAA D3
Ivan Burt-SmithSCOTenCoe CollegeIowaNCAA D3
Jack BrobergSWESocMillikin UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Jatin Singh KodialNORGolfNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Jesper Heggernes JohannessenNORSocCarroll UniversityWisconsinNCAA D3
Johanna SödergårdSWEXCNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Johannes SadSWESocUniversity of DubuqueIowaNCAA D3
Katarina “Katja” CarlbergSWETenMillikin UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Lina ArlanderNORSocWentworth Institute of TechnologyMassachusettsNCAA D3
Ludwig Fält LundgrenSWEGolfNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Lukas Fjørtoft SandangerNORSocUniversity of DubuqueIowaNCAA D3
Lukas HanusekSWESocAverett UniversityVirginiaNCAA D3
Lydia OsborneENGSocCovenant CollegeMichiganNCAA D3
Marcus StålbergSWEBballNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Maria Calizo BuggeNORT&FNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Märta DalborgSWEBballPenn State Lehigh ValleyPennsylvaniaNCAA D3
Max ForsbergSWESocUniversity of DubuqueIowaNCAA D3
Max PetterssonSWEGolfAverett UniversityVirginiaNCAA D3
Mikael AuneNORTenPfeiffer UniversityNorth CarolinaNCAA D3
Mille EnequistSWESocBethany Lutheran CollegeMinnesotaNCAA D3
Olav Kvåle GissingerNORT&FNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Oscar Børke AamodtNORSocAverett UniversityVirginiaNCAA D3
Rikard ThrogenSWET&FNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Sahand TeimoriNORSocNorth Central CollegeIllinoisNCAA D3
Sofie SwedbergNORSocNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Sondre Skuland HaugenNORSwiWilmington CollegeOhioNCAA D3
Thea Ädling RingSWET&FNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Tommy HarrisonENGTenBrandeis UniversityMassachusettsNCAA D3
Victor KruseSWEBballNorth Park UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Vilgot EnglundSWESocMillikin UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3
Tobias ØverbyeNORSocMillikin UniversityIllinoisNCAA D3




Abi HeatonENGSocPark University GilbertArizonaNAIA
Alice LindhSWESocUniversity of the CumberlandsKentuckyNAIA
Anders Sommerstad-HermansenNORGolfSterling CollegeKansasNAIA
Carl AppelqvistSWEGolfBrewton Parker CollegeGeorgiaNAIA
Cathrine NielsenDENSocUniversity of Northwestern OhioOhioNAIA
Christopher TusvikNORGolfUniversity of Rio GrandeOhioNAIA
Conor KeylockRSASocWilliam Penn UniversityIowaNAIA
Conor PacelliENGTenRoosevelt UniversityIllinoisNAIA
Cristina KorakoupoulosENGTenCardinal Stritch UniversityMichiganNAIA
Daisy ClementsENGSocWestcliff UniversityCaliforniaNAIA
Eliah FrøylandNORSocBenedictine CollegeKansasNAIA
Elin KennbornSWEGolfBethany CollegeKansasNAIA
Elsebeth la CourDENSocThomas UniversityGeorgiaNAIA
Emily PayneSWESocKeiser UniversityFloridaNAIA
Emma DahlqvistSWESocThomas UniversityGeorgiaNAIA
Enzo KerekesSWESocMorningside UniversityIowaNAIA
Eren EginNORSocFriends UniversityKansasNAIA
Ethan PickfordENGSocWestcliff UniversityCaliforniaNAIA
Evan MorganPORTenLawrence Tech UniversityMichiganNAIA
Filip Mang ThangNORSocCentral Methodist UniversityMissouriNAIA
Filip Mathias MoNORSocWarner UniversityFloridaNAIA
Filippa MalmströmSWESwiUniversity of the CumberlandsKentuckyNAIA
Frederik EndahlDENSocMorningside UniversityIowaNAIA
Frederika NtumbaENGSocShawnee State UniversityOhioNAIA
Frida BuusmannDENSwiSt. Thomas UniversityFloridaNAIA
Gabriel ErikssonSWESwiUniversity of the CumberlandsKentuckyNAIA
George WhitehallENGSocWilliam Carey UniversityMississippiNAIA
Haakon ArnesenNORSocPark University GilbertArizonaNAIA
Håvard Tollaksen BrynieNORSocPark University GilbertArizonaNAIA
Holly TyrellENGSocUniversity of Northwestern OhioOhioNAIA
Iris MuijrersDENSocMissouri Valley CollegeMissouriNAIA
Isak HaukefærNORSocMenlo CollegeCaliforniaNAIA
Isak NesseNORSocUniversity of PikesvilleKentuckyNAIA
Ismail ShafiNORSocWestcliff UniversityCaliforniaNAIA
Jack BrodieSCOSocUnion CollegeKentuckyNAIA
James O’BrienENGSocOakland City UniversityIndianaNAIA
Jason ReinhardtEIRESocLouisiana State University AlexandriaLouisianaNAIA
Jesper LarssonSWEGolfBrewton Parker CollegeGeorgiaNAIA
Joel LindbäckSWESocCampbellsville UniversityKentuckyNAIA
Jonas Ødegaard HolmenNORSocWest Virginia University Institute of TechnologyWest VirginiaNAIA
Jugad BoparaiNORSocWestcliff UniversityCaliforniaNAIA
Lars Stømer GrøsvikNORSocFriends UniversityKansasNAIA
Lene LaugenNORSocUniversity of South Carolina BeaufortSouth CarolinaNAIA
Liam StenlundSWESocCampbellsville UniversityKentuckyNAIA
Louise Rosager LarsenDENSocMiddle Georgia State UniversityGeorgiaNAIA
Love Mellegård FasténSWESwiSaint Thomas UniversityFloridaNAIA
Luca McManusENGTenHoly Cross CollegeIndianaNAIA
Ludvig AnderssonSWEGolfBethany CollegeKansasNAIA
Maja HenriksenDENSocCentral Methodist UniversityMissouriNAIA
Marte EngerNORSocThomas More UniversityKentuckyNAIA
Marthe EngelstadNORSocWestcliff UniversityCaliforniaNAIA
Mathias GravesenDENSocCaroll CollegeMontanaNAIA
Mathilde BromoseDENSocCentral Methodist UniversityMissouriNAIA
Max JuutinenSWEGolfWest Virginia University Institute of TechnologyWest VirginiaNAIA
Melissa TsatirisDENSocMorningside UniversityIowaNAIA
Moa LindSWESocUniversity of the CumberlandsKentuckyNAIA
Molly RipleyENGSocViterbo UniversityWisconsinNAIA
Morgan BattenWALT&FMount Mercy UniversityIowaNAIA
Nasrudin MohamedNORSocOttawa UniversityArizonaNAIA
Nathan BuckeridgeENGT&FTexas Wesleyan UniversityTexasNAIA
Nicolas KarlsenNORSocBriar Cliff UniversityIowaNAIA
Noah SapsfordENGSocOklahoma Panhandle StateOklahomaNAIA
Nora TønnessenNORSocCardinal Stritch UniversityWisconsinNAIA
Odin SolheimNORSocGeorgia Gwinnett CollegeGeorgiaNAIA
Ollie WearENGT&FMount Mercy UniversityIowaNAIA
Omar HolnessENGT&FMount Mercy UniversityIowaNAIA
Oscar GustafssonSWESocCampbellsville UniversityKentuckyNAIA
Peter HoltNORSocPoint Park UniversityPennsylvaniaNAIA
Philip FrödénSWEGolfPoint UniversityGeorgiaNAIA
Philip Wang JørgensenNORSocWarner UniversityFloridaNAIA
Rimma MusabehSWESocMiddle Georgia State UniversityGeorgiaNAIA
Rosanna HögbergSWESocThomas UniversityGeorgiaNAIA
Ruben ReinertsenNORSocCulver-Stockton collegeMissouriNAIA
Sam Teimori DizajyekanNORSocWestcliff UniversityCaliforniaNAIA
Samantha PepevnikNORSwiWest Virginia University Institute of TechnologyWest VirginiaNAIA
Sander HalvorsenNORSocLincoln CollegeIllinoisNAIA
Sander HeggheimNORSocFriends UniversityKansasNAIA
Sarah VibskovDENSwiSaint Thomas UniversityFloridaNAIA
Sebastian AaseNORSocPark University GilbertArizonaNAIA
Sebastian WilladssenNORSocLife UniversityGeorgiaNAIA
Simen LøvåsNORSwiWestcliff UniversityCaliforniaNAIA
Simon Roed Von Benzon EriksenDENSocUniversity of Northwestern OhioOhioNAIA
Sondre Siem TakloNORSocThomas More UniversityKentuckyNAIA
Sondre Storli JensenNORGolfSterling CollegeKansasNAIA
Sophie SmithENGTenCornerstone UniversityMichiganNAIA
Stine LieNORSocCentral Methodist UniversityKansasNAIA
Thomas Ree JensenNORSocWilliam Penn UniversityIowaNAIA
Tuva HatlegjerdeNORSocWestcliff UniversityCaliforniaNAIA
Vlad AndersenNORSocWarner UniversityFloridaNAIA
Will PorterENGSocMidland UniversityNebraskaNAIA
William DerbyshireENGSocOttawa UniversityKansasNAIA


Abbreviations explained

AUS = AustraliaAmf = American Football
BEL = BelgiumBBall = Basketball
CRO = CroatiaRow = Rowing
DEN = DenmarkSki = Skiing
EIRE = IrelandSoc = Soccer
ENG = EnglandStu = Student
FIN = FinlandSwi = Swimming
FRA = FranceT&F = Track & Field
NI = Northern IrelandTen = Tennis
NOR = NorwayVol = Volleyball
NZL = New ZealandW = Wrestling
POR = PortugalWp = Water polo
ROM = RomaniaWs = Water-skiing
RSA = South AfricaXC = Cross-Country Running
SCO = Scotland
SWE = Sweden
TUR = Turkey
WAL = Wales


How do I get a sports scholarship?

At College Scholarships USA we help talented athletes obtain sports scholarships (in sports like soccer, tennis, golf, swimming, track&field, skiing, and more) and study at college/university in the United States. CSUSA will evaluate your scholarship opportunities in America for free if you complete our Free Assessment form.

About Keystone Sports

College Scholarships USA is part of Keystone Sports – a division of Keystone Education Group – where the mission is to help student-athletes make one of the most important decisions of their lifetimes, namely, to find the best US or Canadian university to pursue both their academic and athletic dreams. Keystone Sports is comprised of 70+ employees in more than ten countries, most of them former college student-athletes. They are experts in soccer, tennis, golf, track & field, swimming, basketball, and 15 additional sports. We are Europe’s strongest college sports recruiting solution for student-athletes looking to study in the US.

Since 1998, our agencies, CSUSA (Scandinavia + UK/Ireland/Australia/New Zealand), Tennis Smart (UK), AGM (Spain & LatAm), Sport-Scholarships and uniexperts (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), and CMAS (Mexico), have sent over 9,240 international student-athletes to over 820 Colleges in the US and Canada, securing over 582 million USD worth of scholarships.