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Women’s Soccer

A Women’s Soccer Scholarship offers you the opportunity to develop and take your game to the next level in addition to earning a university degree in a subject of your choice!

There is no place quite like the USA when it comes to Women’s Soccer at the college/university level!

The chance to develop your game and experience being a college athlete at college in the USA is a once in a lifetime window of opportunity. What’s more, it is possible to receive a soccer scholarship to help fund your degree studies and living costs while you’re in America.

A college soccer scholarship is money granted by a college/university to an incoming student-athlete to help lower the cost of attending the school. Scholarship offers can range from 1-100% of a student’s total cost of attendance and can cover tuition fees, housing, food, text books and insurance!

Studying at university and playing on a soccer scholarship in the USA enables you to pursue your higher education goals alongside playing alongside some of the very best women’s soccer players from around the world. Women’s College Soccer in the USA is huge and continues to grow each and every year! With more than 1,500 Women’s College Soccer teams, there is a good fit for players of all levels, from those representing their country, to academy players and also local club players who have the desire to experience life as a student-athlete on a sports scholarship in the USA!

Athletic Benefits

- Play and train every day with professional coaches to improve your performance.
- Enhance your game at world class facilities, exclusive for student-athletes.
- Compete with and against high level players from all over the world!
-    Travel around the USA to compete against the best College Soccer players
-    Receive first class strength and conditioning training, in addition to the very best medical support

Educational Benefits

- The US is the home to some of the world’s best universities and boasts over 2,000 colleges/universities across the country!
- Choose from a vast range of degree options and use your diploma back home or abroad in future.
- Your educational experience is very personal and can be specifically tailored to your preferences and career ambitions.
- Earn your degree with the help of athletic, academic and international scholarship funding.

Lifestyle Benefits

- Make friends for life and build a vast international network of professional contacts.
- Live, train and study with teammates that become friends life!
- Experience American culture and holidays - socialise in your spare time.
- Travel across the USA to some incredible destinations - beaches, big cities, deserts, mountains, canyons, national parks and more!

Women’s College Soccer has a huge demand for talented international players! With more than 2,000 universities in the US with Women’s Soccer teams, more than 38,000 soccer players are competing in the College system. The most elite of these teams regularly play in front of crowds of 2,000+ and often produce professional and National team players. 

There is certainly a level for everyone! Every year we assist women’s players that just missed out on professional opportunities, as well as players at the local U18 level and everything in between. A Soccer Scholarship is not just for international level players and you do not need to have professional soccer ambitions to get the most out of this amazing experience. However, if you do have a professional career in mind, a College Soccer Scholarship will put you on the best possible platform to get noticed and help you develop.

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“Being given the chance to study whilst playing football in the USA, saw that I had something to dedicate my life to for four years and experience something that most people don’t. As a result of four years of University and soccer in the USA I have acquired a degree in Kinesiology, captained my team for two years, become a State Champion and All-State player. I made my best friends for life which is a memory and an achievement that will stay with me forever.”
- Charlotte Crisp, UK


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