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Tennis Scholarships

Utilise the college tennis system as a platform to take your game to the next level.

Tennis is one of the most difficult sports for progressing to the professional level. Reaching the top takes hard work, talent, determination and luck, and one of the most common reasons for failure is the lack of funding.

As most tennis players know and realise, getting to the highest level is expensive. It takes a lot of money to travel, enter the necessary tournaments and getting coached by the best. Without a sponsor this is extremely difficult.

Also it leaves players in a situation where they must devote every ounce of focus and energy to tennis. What then happens after your tennis career?

College tennis in the United States gives tennis players an opportunity to continue their development whilst getting an education. Tennis scholarships can fully fund the opportunity of playing full-time tennis, compete against universities all across the USA and of course get a university degree.

The level is extremely high and the set-up very professional. College tennis certainly does not close the door to the professional game. The likes of James Blake, John Isner, Mike and Bob Brian, Jill Craybas and Julie Ditty, came through the college system before turning professional. There are many examples of players utilising the college system as a platform to take their game to the next level.

We have helped players with high national rankings, and players with experience from ATP, WTA and ITF tournaments, to the United States on tennis scholarships.

Do keep in mind, college tennis is not only for players that have professional ambitions. We also assist players whose main goal is to get a degree, a tennis scholarship and to experience playing for a university team.

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“If I had to do it again, I would definitely attend Harvard all over. I learned so much in the classroom and outside of it; that the experience will always be invaluable to me.”
- James Blake

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