Tim Bernhardsson

Sports Consultant

Florida Atlantic University, Florida

Tim is a Recruitment Associate working primarily with our athletes from Scandinavia.

Tim Bernhardsson from Uppsala, Sweden works as a Sports Consultant at our office in Stockholm. He studied and played soccer at California Baptist University and Florida Atlantic University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. He primarily works with our soccer players.

Tim began his college career in California, at California Baptist University in 2019, where he competed in the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) in NCAA D1. After two years at CBU, Tim decided to try a new adventure and challenge himself by transferring to Florida Atlantic University competing in the American Athletic Conference (AAC) NCAA D1. During his time in college, Tim got awarded with being the athlete of the week at CBU, playing and starting 15/15 games in his freshmen season. Moreover, Tim was a part of writing history with FAU when he reached the conference final for the first time in program history after beating previous National Champions Marshall.

Before starting his college career, Tim he played soccer at the highest youth level in Sweden for IK Sirius. He played in every academy team starting with the u12 all the way to the u19. He played in the highest youth league in Sweden when he played with the u17 and u19. Furthermore, he made appearances in the U21 Allsvenskan as well as getting called up to practice with the first team in IK Sirius playing in the highest division in Sweden.

Further, Tim explains about his decision to go to the US and about his time there:

“Similar to a lot of people during high school I was not quite sure what to do after I would graduate and what path to take in life. I was looking into the opportunities to combine university studies, work, and playing soccer. I realized quickly that it could be extremely difficult to combine all these important aspects of my life. Thus, it became very easy for me when CSUSA came to my high school and presented the opportunity about combining university studies with athletics at the same time in USA. I am a person who loves new experiences, meeting new people, and challenge myself in life. Therefore, I straight away that the college experience is very rare and a once in a lifetime opportunity. In addition, I saw it as an amazing opportunity to continue playing soccer at a very high level and combining my athletic career with my academic ambitions by earning a bachelor’s degree. While being in the US I was amazed by the professionalism that athletes get to experience daily. Including the full-time professionals working in the athletic department to provide the best preparations before during and after seasons, the support and help to succeed academically was incredible. I got all the tools, help, and advice in order to become the best student I could be and maintain a high GPA. Moreover, during my time I also had the privilege to get to know new friends all over the world, get to know different types of cultures, develop as an individual and become a grown up, and experience places and cities I could only dream of visiting. All of this contributed to the fact that my decision of going to the US and combine my athletic career with my academic ambitions was the best decisions of my life.”

Favorite Place in the US:

Los Angeles, Kalifornien

Favorite College Athlete:

Michael Jordan – UNC, Chapel Hill

Best Moment During College:

The feeling of walking across the stage, hear my name being called up, and receive my diploma from the school president in front of the entire school. That was a moment of joy and pride that had been built up over four years of hard work on the field and in the classroom that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Favorite quote:

Don’t count the days, make the days count