CSUSA Partner with Challenger Sports

We have an exciting announcement to make that we are partnering with Challenger Sports! Challenger Sports is the largest soccer camp company in North America. They have been operating soccer camps in the US since 1985 and provide an opportunity for Sophomore, Junior, and Senior college athletes the chance to be employed during the summer months of college and upon graduation.

They are a total soccer company that caters to everyone involved in the game. Challenger Sports is owned and operated by some of the most experienced soccer people in the country and has a team of 150 full-time staff members across 13 different offices. They now provide a comprehensive range of services, and products that include soccer camps, training, uniforms, tournaments, trips abroad, and introducing new this year, virtual training.

At CSUSA we understand the importance of this fantastic new partnership as it enables our clients that are student-athletes within the USA, to have the possibility of joining Challenger Sports. It provides them with the opportunity to work in soccer camps across the USA over the summer period to gain additional experience and an added income. They also provide student-athletes the chance to join them after they have graduated from college.


This new partnership is exciting for everyone involved and associated with CSUSA because our student-athletes have the opportunity to gain experience coaching youth players in exciting summer camps, and help develop their personal skills. On top of this, they will be able to network with the Challenger Sports staff and gain valuable insight into how the camps work. This additional experience is something that student-athletes can build on for the future as well as making money in the summer months. To apply for this exciting venture fill out our Free Assessment form!

Challenger Sports are proud to have the opportunity to partner with CSUSA! CSUSA does a phenomenal job in recruiting top level athletes to play college Soccer in the US. This is combined with a top of the line education in the University system stateside. Challenger are then able to offer those players the chance to use both their soccer & education skill set in the workplace environment.»        –  Alex Green,  Academy Vice President