Sarah Borwell

Director of Tennis Smart

University of Houston

Sarah Borwell has been leading the Tennis Smart brand for 15 years and has helped 1000+ talented tennis players with their future pathways, combining education and tennis. Tennis Smart and CSUSA joined forces from January 2022 where she will continue to build our tennis department and work with our tennis players.

Sarah Borwell from Middlesbrough, England is the Director of Tennis Smart. The first placement company in the world to focus only on one sport: tennis. For 15 years British junior tennis players and other international tennis players have benefitted from this focus by receiving the most hands-on, knowledgeable, personal, tennis service in the world.

Sarah played college tennis (NCAA DI) for five years between 1998 and 2022. She competed first as a freshman at Rice University in Texas, before transferring to the University of Houston where she completed a BS in Kinesiology-Sports Administration with a minor in marketing.  Sarah had a very successful college career, finishing as high as 8th in the ITA college rankings for singles and 12 for doubles. She then turned Pro and competed on the WTA Tour for 10 years, reaching 1 in GBR for doubles, 2 for singles, 65 in the world for doubles and 199 for singles. She has played every Grand Slam, represented her country in Fed Cup and won a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games.

Prior to going to university in the US, Sarah competed solely in the UK in events hosted by the LTA and went to full-time school. She was not viewed as one of the elite British juniors at that time but with her desire to continue tennis in a team environment while receiving an education, her family felt America would be best.

Sarah is based in Maryland in the United States.

“My goal has always been to stop the 50% drop out rate we have in British junior tennis players. I believe we can do this by making players aware of the different pathways available to them. America was life-changing for me, I dread to think where I would be if I hadn’t have gone and it’s this experience that inspires me to want to help others. I wasn’t seen as a top junior, yet with a bit more time, a support system around me and the right pathway for my own needs, I ended up being very successful on the Pro Tour. I am incredibly excited to be a part of CSUSA and Keystone Sports. I believe, that together we will take the college placement process to the next level.“

Read the full press release of Sarah and her Tennis Smart joining forces with CSUSA in January 2022 HERE.


Washington DC


Carl Lewis, as he was the first real glimpse I got of what it meant to really work hard. Former University of Houston athlete, inspiring to see whose shoes I was following in.


Winning ITA Regionals. 128 draw, huge Fall event which gave me entry into Indoor Nationals and helped propel me into the Top 50.


I am a little strange as I don’t have any favourite quotes. When I was young my dad used to love to say “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going” which I guess is how I feel in life when you have a mountain of work in front of you or hurdles to overcome.