Rikke Sevecke: From College Soccer in the States to The Danish National Team

The 23-year old Rikke Sevecke is one of the players, who took the big step from Denmark to the States and played College soccer.  

In August 2017 she left Denmark for University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH), which is located in Lima, Ohio. Here she played one season for the “Racers” before she went home to Denmark again.  

Rikke is a true example of that College Soccer in the States can help to provide some of the top highest level of players. Rikke became quickly a regular member of the Danish National Team squad after her return to Denmark. In her one season in the States she ended up playing 24 games and scored 8 goals and had 10 assists, which is very impressive.

The former Brøndby player is today professional soccer player for the French team FC Fleury 91. Here she is a regular player in the start 11 and she has been selected to be the teams captain.

Read more about how Rikkes experiences have been in the States. Here she also talks about what the best thing about the States was.

How have your stay at College in the States been?
It`s a decision I have never regretted. I needed something new, an experience for life and that was what I got. I played on the same team as players from all over the world, we were players from 11 different countries and for that reason I got to know a lot of different cultures.

When I am thinking back at my experience at College in the States, it is with joy and sorrow. Joy, because I have experienced a lot with soccer and on the same time created new bonds with people all over the world. Sorrow, because I miss everything over there, the soccer and not least the amazing people I have met.

What is the best thing about College in the States?
If I have to say one thing, I loved the most about college, it was to have everything close to me. The soccer field was just around the corner from the dorms (the apartments where we lived), the school was just down the street and the most important was that my friends were just around me, to support me, just to give me a hug when needed, and in general they were just there for me.


What has your stay at College in the States meant to you as a soccer player?
In terms of soccer, I was allowed to unfold me as a player. I got more responsibility than I was used to and it gave me confidence. I got belief in my abilities. I grow personally, but also in my game, which I have been able to greatly benefit from ever since.

Will you recommend anyone to leave for College in the United States?
I would definitely recommend others to go! If you have a dream of going abroad to the States and go on college or the thought has just hit you, then I think you should follow it.  Rather do it than look back and regret you didn’t take the change you had. Catch the opportunity and get an experience for life, friends for life.

In Rikkes one season on UNOH in 2017 she got a lot of awards. Here is a list of the awards Rikke got:

– Newcomer of The Year WHAC 2017
– 1st Team All-Conference WHAC 2017
– NAIA All-American 1st Team 2017
– Tournament Team NAIA Nationals 2017