Pernille Sina Lund

Sports Consultant

University of Ottawa

Pernille Sina Lund works as a full-time Sports Consultant based out of our Oslo HQ. She will be working first and foremost with our track and field athletes. She completed her master’s with a scholarship and running track at the University of Ottawa.

Pernille holds a Master’s degree in Sports Psychology from the University of Ottawa, Canada, a B.A. in Psychology from University of Oslo and a B.A. in Sports Sciences from Norwegian School of Sports Sciences.

Growing up in Oslo, Pernille, originally a young gymnast, transitioned to track and field where she discovered her aptitude and passion for speed and sprinting, specifically the 100m and 200m. For a number of years, she was a member of the Oslo track team, Bekkelaget SK, where she received excellent coaching and competed at the local, regional and national level.  She still competes at the national level in Norway.

In a quest to further sharpen her sprinting skills and expand her life and educational experience, Pernille searched for University athletic programs abroad. Fielding a number of offers, she opted to join the “GeeGees” track and field team at uOttawa, a bilingual University located in Canada’s capital city. From 2018 to 2020 uOttawa provided her the opportunity to work with national team coaches, Olympic medalists and a group of gifted athletes and devoted coaches.

She competed in Canada at the provincial (Ontario University Athletics Championships) and national championships for Canadian College Sports (USports). She also competed at several meets the US, including events hosted at two Ivy League Universities, namely Harvard in Boston, Mass. and Cornell in Ithaca, NY. Traveling within North America provided a diverse and broadened experience competing against elite varsity teams of large state colleges/universities which offered immense track facilities and highly energized fans.

Beyond the rigorous training, travel and competitions, Pernille also managed a busy academic life in Ottawa. She successfully completed a collaborative research internship between uOttawa and Norwegian School of Sports Sciences while also working as a marketing communication consultant for OUA. Acutely interested in the importance of an athlete’s physical as well as mental fitness and training, Pernille also maintained a position as a lab-assistant for the Canadian Centre for Mental Health in Sports. She has been honored twice with the title of “Academic All-Canadian” for her achievements in both academics and sports.

“My time in Canada and the USA was extremely rewarding. It made me really feel like I was part of something big and significant. Some of the universities in North America are enormous in size and boast athletic teams that are large in numbers with impressive financial support and spirit. Walking into tracks, filled with both athletes and fans, were “goosebump” moments that created memories that still motivate my sprint training. The memories will truly last a lifetime. I look back at these two years in North America as an absolute highlight in my sports career and something that I am so excited to try and help others experience.”



Arizona, New York City, and Ottawa, Canada.


Alysha Newman, University of Miami.


Competing at Harvard and Cornell – the atmosphere at the stadiums was just electric.


“If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.” – Barack Obama