Gabriel Steffensen

Sports Consultant

Lamar University, Texas

Gabriel Steffensen works as a Sports Consultant at CSUSA, after competing in NCAA D1 for the track and field team at Lamar University. He is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and will predominantly work with our track and field athletes.

Gabriel represented Sweden in two junior European championships in both cross country and track before taking the step to study and compete in the US. Gabriel joined Lamar University , in Texas, competing in the Southland Conference in NCAA D1. Gabriel in his freshman year won the cross-country team gold in the Southland Conference championships and made All-Region in the regional cross-country championships held later that year. Outdoors, he beat his personal records in both the 10 000m and 5000m with a combined almost 40 seconds.

After coming home to Sweden, Gabriel represented the senior Swedish national team several times whilst competing at the Nordic cross country championships where he won team silver, and in the Finland-Sweden Athletics International, also called “Finnkampen” or “Ruotsi-Ottelu”. Gabriel also won a bronze medal individually at the Nordic championships at the 10 000m event. He continues to compete at a high national level, aiming for the Olympics.

“Going to America to study and compete was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had, I met amazing people and raced in races that I didn’t think was possible, I really wish I would’ve stayed longer. It took a lot of guts to take the step and I was anxious when I first went over to the states but looking back it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I made friends along the way that I will treasure forever that are still with me today and athletically it enhanced me and made me take the step to becoming a senior national team athlete. Being a student-athlete in the US creates the opportunity to be basically a professional athlete whilst earning your degree. The facilities I had access to and the coach and staff helping me made all the difference in my progress as an athlete and as a student. I would’ve never achieved the things I have now achieved both academically and athletically if I hadn’t gone to the US. I am eager to support and help students with my knowledge of collegiate life on their own adventure to the US. If a student-athlete gets the right guidance and help, especially from CSUSA, I know the experience will develop them as an athlete, student and individual.”


Palo Alto, California


Nathan Gillis my old roommate. We shared some good times together and we’ve stuck by each other since. He’s the Best Man at my wedding!


My best memory was racing in the Wisconsin adidas XC invitational. Over 250 runners lined up at the starting line and I had never seen anything like that before. The race went well but the experience of being in such a massive event with so many fans cheering was the real treat.


“Losers are winners who quit.” – Cus D’Amato