My Leander

Sports Consultant

San Jose State University, California

My Leander has been a Sports Consultant at CSUSA since January 2018 combined with being a professional golf player. She is a true golf expert and works primarilly with our golfers, and is based out of our Södertälje-office.

My Leander started playing college golf at San Jose State University in fall 2013. She had long been looking for a school that could combine offering her major: Product Design together with a golf team with high standard. My had dreamt of attending a school in California since she was 13 years old so starting at SJSU was like a dream coming true for her.

My Leander developed greatly as a played during her college career and she went from being an okay player her first year to be the team’s top player her last. When college was over, she had won two individual victories, she was awarded the Mountain West conference Player of the Year her senior year, and she also made the history books by setting the course record in at least four categories: Lowest season scoring average (71,27), lowest tournament score (65, -7) and lowest score during tournament after 36 and 54 holes (-12, -14).

When My Leander was finished with college (WAGR ranked 28), she got into the Swedish National Team and competed in the European Team Championship in Portugal and helped the team to place 3rd. Later that summer she also succeeded to qualify and compete in her first Major; the British Open. With a made cut she placed 77th out of the top 300 ranked players in the world. My Leander is now combining her professional golf career with working at CSUSA and helping sporting teens over to college. Two things she shares great passion for.

”Going to the US and playing college golf was the best decision I have made for myself as a person and as a golfer. I never imagined that I would develop that much over my four years and I am just so surprised how fast it all went by! When I moved away from home and moved to the US, I quickly found that I needed to become more responsible and organized in my lifestyle so my golf and life would work better together. It was when I learned all these things about myself that my golf started blooming and a learned who I was as a person both on and off the course. If I could do college again, I would not even hesitate because it was one of the best journeys of my life!”


San Francisco


Anna Nordqvist, Arizona State University (golf)


My individual college win (Ptarmigan Ram Fall Classic NCAA Div 1). This was fall season my seanior year and I had been close to winning a few times, but I had always ended up third or fourth. This tournament was the first of the season and it was played on my birthday which made me extra happy and excited. I remember that I was a it nervous on my last hole but that I managed to save a par to win the tournament with one stroke.


“When I’m in my groove there is no thinking. Everything just happens.” – Ozzie Smith, baseball