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There are scholarship opportunities in many different sports at American colleges and universities.

Below is a selection and a short explanation about some of the more common sports where international athletes compete.

Swimming or Diving scholarship

The top level of college swimming and diving consists of Olympians and World Championship athletes. The system is setup to develop each swimmer/diver to reach their optimum potential. Not all athletes are at this level of course, but college is the only place for a competitive swimmer/diver. It is a great way to get rewarded for your talent.

Women’s Volleyball scholarship

A very popular sport in the US, with a lot of college and universities competing. The best young athletes from around the world come to the US to play volleyball and get a scholarship. With squads of 10+ players at each school, there is a demand for committed and talented international players.

Skiing scholarship

A relatively small part of college sports, thus very competitive. College skiers, either cross country or alpine, range from Olympians to lower level athletes. The competition for scholarships is intense and college-skiing is a great platform for the second best international skiers.

Rowing scholarship

Only top international rowers can realistically obtain a large scholarship in this sport. It is usually the prestigious academic universities that offer college rowing and one needs to demonstrate both an elite level of sporting performance and excellent academic achievements.

Gymnastics scholarship

Start early! This is one of the most competitive sports for obtaining a scholarship. Coaches are looking years in advance for internationally experienced gymnasts. Most of which has the ability to compete in bigger international meets.

Track and Field / Cross Country running scholarship

It is quite simple in this sport. Do you meet the times or standards? The level ranges from Olympic level athletes to good level national athletes. It is beneficial to compete in various events, which will make you more valuable to a coach and therefore you might get a bigger scholarship.

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